PerformanceManager v2.7.0 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: PerformanceManager v3.0.0 (Windows). ×

Last Updated: août 04, 2023


JBL Performance Manager is the next-generation software application designed to configure networked audio systems for corporate and live concert events, as well as systems within performance venues such as theaters and houses of worship. Using Performance Manager dramatically reduces design time, simplifies networking and automates control interface configuration. The patented workflow paradigm of the Performance Manager interface guides the system designer through the complete system design, configuration and control process and, in many ways, the entire process feels and acts like a simple step-by-step wizard. Networking has been reduced to a simple drag-and-drop operation, and all test, tuning and calibration control interfaces are embedded – no need to spend time designing control panels. Integration with Rational Acoustics’ world-renowned Smaart® acoustic testing and measurement software provides audio technicians and engineers with unprecedented access to measurement information—all delivered over the network in one screen. A dedicated show mode provides all the monitoring and control needed to have a complete picture of how the system is performing in real time.


  • Patented step-by-step design workflow
  • Modern look with faster performance
  • Included preset support for all JBL Tour Sound products
  • Time saving and accurate integration with JBL’s LAC-II and LAC-III software
  • Integration with Rational Acoustics Smaart platform
  • Preconfigured system templates for fast deployment
  • Multi-touch support on Windows 10 touch-capable devices
  • Built in array optimization and tools
  • Built in system supervision and loudspeaker test tools


System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems:

  • 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

Minimum Performance Guidelines:

  • CPU: 64 bit dual core @ 2.0GHz or better
  • Memory: 4GB

Optimal Performance Guidelines:

  • CPU: 64 bit dual core @ 2.50 GHz or better
  • RAM: 8GB or more
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or above
  • Storage: SSD

Performance Manager 2.7.0 supported devices:

  • JBL VTX A-Series: A12, A12W, A8, B18, B28 models
  • JBL VTX V-Series: V25-II, V20, S25, G28 and S28 models
  • JBL VTX F Series
  • JBL VTX M Series
  • JBL VRX900 Series
  • JBL powered VerTec Series [with DP-DA installed]
  • JBL passive VerTec Series
  • Crown I-Tech HD Series
  • Crown VRACK 12000
  • Crown VRACK 4x3500dbx
  • dbx DriveRack® 4800 / 4820

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Performance Manager 2.7.0

New Features

New speaker support

  • Added preset support for the VTX B28.

New Navigation UI:

  • The top ribbon interface has been redone to simplify navigation and mode switching.
  • Mode switching has been moved and the ribbon now displays the functions available to the selected mode.
  • Mute protection has been moved from the ribbon to the grouping toolbox and is available in all online modes.
  • The Groups mode has been redone and the group editing buttons are now displayed on the ribbon.
  • The ribbon can be minimized to improve space for smaller screens and tablets.

Speaker assignment improvements:

  • Drag-and-drop for bandpass assignment is now also available for 2-channel Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers.
  • Use Shift + Left click to select an array and drag-and-drop the array to the desired amplifier rack to connect speakers to amplifiers.

Container (rack) naming improvements:

  • Rack names can now be reassigned in the Go Online mode and without having to clear and recreate the racks.
  • Once in Go Online mode, select a rack and click the Rename button on the ribbon.

General Improvements

  • The application title bar has been updated to follow Windows 10 UI guidelines. The window controls are now larger and easier to use on touch devices.
  • Custom racks can now be created without having to select bandpass labels. This significantly reduces the steps and time needed to create a custom rack. Amplifier channels are assigned the standard “none” channel label. Drag and drop a speaker to assign channel labels on the fly.
  • Inside-out wiring can now be assigned to front fills without having to start from a template.
  • Changing subwoofer circuit grouping no longer erases the EDS delay values.
  • Factory and user groups can now be rearranged as needed. Click and drag to change the order of groups. Right-click and select rename to change a group name from any mode.
  • The User Groups section is now collapsible like the Venue groups.
  • The default channel label for V-Rack 12000HD is now SUB.
  • The zoom position is now maintained when switching from mode to mode. When new devices are added to the venue, PM now zooms out to show all devices.
  • The array and speaker positions never change when going from mode to mode and when the circuit jumpers are removed.
  • EQ filter ON/OFF buttons now turn green when the filters are active.
  • General Installer and Auto Update improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a problem related to the “Clean Filter” warning on the I-Tech 4x3500HD LCD displays. The warning will no longer be displayed for no reason.
  • Addressed several problem related to keyboard usage on touch devices. In some cases, the Windows 10 and the Performance Manager keyboards were active. Now, only the PM keyboard is shown, improving usability on Windows 10 touch devices.
  • Addressed a problem that EQ filters could get corrupted when the HiQnet addresses of amplifiers where changed.
  • Fixed a problem where devices would not associate to offline devices the first time a drag-and-drop was used in Go Online mode.
  • Addressed a problem where the Input Priority button was always showing medium priority.
  • The noise-generator in test system mode can now take values in Hz also.

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Produits associés

  • VTX B28

    VTX B28

    Arrayable Dual-18-inch Subwoofer
  • VT4880A


    Fullsize Arrayable 2-18" Subwoofer with Ultra Long Excursion woofers
  • VT4880ADP-DA, VT4880ADP

    VT4880ADP-DA, VT4880ADP

    Powered Fullsize Arrayable 2-18" Subwoofer
  • VT4881ADP-DA, VT4881ADP

    VT4881ADP-DA, VT4881ADP

    Powered Compact Arrayable 1-18" Subwoofer
  • VT4882DP-DA, VT4882DP

    VT4882DP-DA, VT4882DP

    Powered Midsize Arrayable 2-15"Subwoofer
  • VT4887ADP-DA, VT4887ADP

    VT4887ADP-DA, VT4887ADP

    Powered Compact Bi-amplified 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element
  • VT4888DP-DA, VT4888DP

    VT4888DP-DA, VT4888DP

    Powered Midsize 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element
  • VT4889ADP-DA, VT4889ADP

    VT4889ADP-DA, VT4889ADP

    Powered Fullsize 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element
  • Performance Manager

    Performance Manager

    Configure & Control Your System
  • VTX F35/95

    VTX F35/95

    High Performance Dual 15-inch 3-Way Loudspeaker
  • VTX B18

    VTX B18

    Arrayable Single 18-inch Subwoofer
  • VTX V25-II-CS

    VTX V25-II-CS

    Full Size 3-Way High-Directivity Line Array With Compression Suspension System
  • VTX V25-II

    VTX V25-II

    Full Size 3-Way High-Directivity Line Array With Fixed Angle ASM Suspension
  • VTX A12W

    VTX A12W

    Dual 12-inch Line Array Loudspeaker | 120-Degree Dispersion
  • VTX A12

    VTX A12

    Dual 12-inch Line Array Loudspeaker | 90-Degree Dispersion
  • VTX V20

    VTX V20

    Three-Way High Directivity Line Array Element
  • VTX V25

    VTX V25

    Full Size 3-Way High-Directivity Line Array
  • VTX S25

    VTX S25

    Suspendable, Cardioid-Arrayable, Dual 15-inch Subwoofer
  • VTX S28

    VTX S28

    Dual 18-inch Suspendable Subwoofer
  • VTX G28

    VTX G28

    Ground Stack-Only, Dual 18-inch Subwoofer
  • VTX F12

    VTX F12

    12-inch Bi-Amplified 2-Way System
  • VTX F15

    VTX F15

    15-inch Bi-Amplified 2-Way System
  • VTX F18S

    VTX F18S

    18-inch Compact Subwoofer
  • VTX F35/64

    VTX F35/64

    High Performance Dual 15-inch 3-Way Loudspeaker
  • VTX M20

    VTX M20

    Dual 10-inch Professional Stage Monitor
  • VTX M22

    VTX M22

    Dual 12-inch Professional Stage Monitor
  • VT4889


    Fullsize 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element, Composite Enclosure
  • VT4889-1


    Fullsize 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element, PlyMax® Enclosure
  • VT4888


    Midsize Tri-Amplified 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element
  • VT4887A


    Compact Bi-Amplified 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element
  • VT4886


    Subcompact Passive Three-Way High Directivity Line Array Element
  • VT4883


    Subcompact Dual 12" Cardioid-Arrayable Subwoofer
  • VT4880


    Fullsize Arrayable 2-18" Subwoofer
  • VT4881A


    Compact Arrayable 1-18" Subwoofer
  • VT4882


    Midsize Arrayable 2-15" Subwoofer