CSS Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers

JBL introduces the new Commercial Series affordable loudspeakers that provide excellent performance for paging and background music applications including retail stores, restaurants, schools and other public facilities.

High sensitivity ceiling speakers provides maximum sound level even at low tap settings, and wide dispersion ensures excellent coverage. Triple voltage transformers (100V, 70V and 25V) are compatible with any distributed speaker system, and the Commercial Series meets UL1480 and UL2043 requirements for use in plenum ceiling spaces. The drivers all feature a full 25 mm (1 in) diameter voice coil with a Kapton™ coil-former and high-temperature wire for superior power dissipation and long-term reliability. The driver, grille and transformer come pre-assembled for ease of installation. Accessories include matching Commercial Series pre-install back cans and tile rails.</>

Ideal for commercial and industrial use, the JBL Commercial System Solutions line is also made up of Amplifiers, Mixers, Mixer-Amplifiers, Microphones, and Wall Controllers. For more information about these easy-to-use professional tools, check out the JBL Commercial site.

CSS Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers Products

  • CSS8004


    100 mm (4 in) Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers
  • CSS8008


    200 mm (8 in) Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers
  • CSS8018


    200 mm (8 in) Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers
  • CSS-BB4x6


    4" Backcan for CSS8004 speaker
  • CSS-BB8x6


    8" Backcan for CSS8008 or CSS8018 speaker
  • CSS-TR4/8x12


    Tile Rails for CSS-BB4x6 and CSS-BB8x6 backcans

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