PRX300 Series

PRX300 is a new set of value speakers developed by JBL for live performance and installed sound applications. The series features compact footprint and light weight. Each speaker enclosure finish uses multilayer paint processes and rugged design, in compliance with JBL Professional standard and for prolonged durability. Four models are available from this new series: PRX312MD (12” two-way stage monitor), PRX315D (15” two-way speaker), PRX318SD (18” subwoofer) and PRX325D (Dual 15” two-way speaker).

  • PRX312MD


    PRX312MD is a 12-inch portable two-way speaker system designed for stage monitoring at live performance or speech.

    For the low ends, PRX312MD uses a premium 12-inch low frequency driver with a edge-wound ribbon voice coil of 2 ½ inch (64mm) in diameter to bring the system solid bass, high efficiency and large power handling capabilities. A JBL 2412 1-inch ferro-fluid cooled compression driver with titanium diaphragm provides the system with clean and warm high notes and uncompromised reliability. JBL SonicGuard™ technology improves system stability by protecting the high frequency driver from excessive power without interrupting the show. Apart from the drivers, fault-free performance of the system also relies on the precision-crafted crossover network, which feeds the two drivers with clear cut frequencies with minimum overlap and is capable of handling high power with its high-voltage capacitors and inductors. The Progressive Transition™ technology waveguide mounts on top of the tweeter and provides the system with superior coverage control, reduced distortion and smoother frequency response.

    PRX312MD encloses all the acoustic components in a rugged cabinet constructed from 15mm MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) using advanced adhesives and mechanical fastener technology for extreme durability and improved low frequency response. Two all-steel handles are integrated to sides of the case to make transport and setup easier. A 36-mm socket allows PRX312MD to be mounted on a speaker pole and to work as a main or fill. The socket supports either up-straight standing or 10° tilting, helpful when the audience coverage needs to be uniformed. For the front of the speaker, a dent-resistant grille made from 18-gauge perforated steel protects the components inside from damage on the move or during the show.

    Presently not available in Japan, Australia and New Zealand
  • PRX315D


    15" 2-Way Speaker System
  • PRX325D


    Dual 15" 2-Way Speaker System
  • PRX318SD


    18" Compact Subwoofer System