PRX300 Series

PRX300 is a new set of value speakers developed by JBL for live performance and installed sound applications. The series features compact footprint and light weight. Each speaker enclosure finish uses multilayer paint processes and rugged design, in compliance with JBL Professional standard and for prolonged durability. Four models are available from this new series: PRX312MD (12” two-way stage monitor), PRX315D (15” two-way speaker), PRX318SD (18” subwoofer) and PRX325D (Dual 15” two-way speaker).

  • PRX312MD

    12" 2-Way Stage Monitor
  • PRX315D

    15" 2-Way Speaker System
  • PRX325D

    Dual 15" 2-Way Speaker System
  • PRX318SD

    18" Compact Subwoofer System