Marquis Galaxy Series

JBL MG (Marquis Galaxy) Series Line Arrays are tailor designed for professional-grade sound reinforcement in medium- to small- sized venues. Compact enclosure, light weight, exceptional acoustic performance, and easy installation makes the MG Series an ideal choice for places like slow-rock bars, dining pubs, and music restaurants, etc.

The MG Series include five models in its product portfolio: MG1928 (8-inch full range speaker), MG1932 (12-inch full range speaker), MG1915M (15-inch stage monitor), MG1915S (15-inch subwoofer) and MG1918S (18-inch subwoofer).

  • MG1928

    8-Inch Two-WayLine Array Loudspeaker System
  • MG1932

    12-Inch Two-WayLine Array Loudspeaker System
  • MG1915M

    15-Inch Two-Way Stage Monitor
  • MG1915S

    15-Inch Bass Reflex Subwoofer
  • MG1918S

    18-Inch High Power Subwoofer