KP2000 Series

With the hugely successful, premium quality KP6000 and KP4000 Series of Karaoke loudspeaker systems, JBL Professional is proud to introduce a new generation of karaoke products---KP2000 Series loudspeakers. KP2000 Series is designed specifically for karaoke club applications. The line consists of 10″, 12″, and 15″ passive full-range loudspeaker systems.

KP2000 Series is especially tuned for singing and listening in the karaoke environment. All models utilize the proven and classic 2414H-C compression driver, which has been used in many popular JBL products. JBL 2414H-C uses patented 1 inch annular polymer diaphragm with extended high-frequency response and delivers a warm and smooth sound. It is easy to find the serial number on the 2414H-C, which is used for product tracking. The horn, with a 70° x 100° coverage pattern provides smooth, even coverage whether used in the vertical or horizontal orientation. This new horn is designed specifically for near-field sound reinforcement in karaoke rooms. The creative design of this new horn, with its wider dispersion coverage pattern and shorter depth, provides smooth distortion free high-frequency performance.

KP2000 Series Products

  • KP2010


    10 Inch 2-Way Full Range Loudspeaker System
  • KP2012


    12 Inch 2-Way Full Range Loudspeaker System
  • KP2015


    15 Inch 2-Way Full Range Loudspeaker System