JBL Control Contractor 20 Series surface-mount speakers and subwoofers deliver full, rich sound; deep bass extension; high SPL output; and wide, consistent coverage for retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, theme parks, educational facilities or any application demanding top-quality sound reinforcement in a rugged, compact package. The Control Contractor 20 line balances superior fidelity with versatility, ease-of-installation and contemporary style: Models feature weather-resistant transducers and enclosures, and their molded, high-impact polystyrene shells are available in black, white or paintable finishes. Built-in JBL Invisiball® mounting technology makes installation a breeze. Control Contractor surface-mount speakers are voiced similarly to other JBL Control Contractor models, allowing them to be combined with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in a single listening space. Choose from 13 models in an array of transducer sizes, coverage patterns and output ranges.

Control Contractor 20 Series Surface-Mount Speakers Products

  • Control 23-1

    Control 23-1

    Ultra-Compact Indoor/OutdoorBackground/Foreground Speaker
  • Control 23-1L

    Control 23-1L

    Ultra-Compact 8-Ohm Indoor/Outdoor Background/Foreground Speaker
  • Control 25-1

    Control 25-1

    Compact Indoor/OutdoorBackground/Foreground Speaker
  • Control 25-1L

    Control 25-1L

    Compact 8-Ohm Indoor/Outdoor Background/Foreground Speaker
  • Control 25AV

    Control 25AV

    Compact Indoor Outdoor Background Foreground Loudspeaker
  • Control 25AV-LS

    Control 25AV-LS

    Enceinte d’intérieur et d’extérieur pour musique d’ambiance et de fond / conforme EN 54-24 pour les applications de sécurité des personnes
  • Control 28-1

    Control 28-1

    High Output Indoor/OutdoorBackground/Foreground Speaker
  • Control 28-1L

    Control 28-1L

    High-Output 8-Ohm Indoor/Outdoor Background/Foreground Speaker
  • Control 29AV-1

    Control 29AV-1

    Premium Indoor / Outdoor Monitor Speaker
  • Control 30

    Control 30

    Three-Way High Output Indoor / Outdoor Monitor Speaker
  • Control 31

    Control 31

    Two-Way High-Output Indoor-Outdoor Monitor Speaker
  • Control SB2210

    Control SB2210

    Dual 10” Compact Subwoofer

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