Intonato 24

24-Channel Monitor Management Tuning System

Intonato 24
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The JBL Intonato 24 Monitor Management Tuning System provides easy setup, automated calibration and comprehensive control of professional monitoring systems. Housed in a 2U rack-mount enclosure, Intonato 24 precisely calibrates and controls up to 24 speakers configured as stereo, surround or immersive audio systems. You can create and instantly recall customized routing of up to 24 analog, digital and networked audio sources. Included software and an optional Desktop Controller put the system’s powerful monitoring features at your fingertips. Intonato 24 delivers the benefits of a precisely calibrated system, and takes control room monitoring to the next level. Intonato, from the Latin verb Intonare meaning “tuned,” “matched,” “in tune,” describes a primary attribute of all speakers in the ideal control room monitoring environment.

JBL Intonato Software not compatible with Mac OS Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina


  • Compatible with all professional studio monitors
  • Input connections for 24 analog, AES /EBU Inputs; up to 256 channels of networked audio in HARMAN BLU link or Dante format (with optional BLUDAN interface)
  • Software-controlled analog input sensitivity switches, level indicators and gain trims
  • Output connections include 24 analog outputs to powered speakers and power amplifiers; BLU link output allows networked connection to HARMAN Crown power amplifiers
  • Selectively monitor via one or more monitoring systems of up to 24 speakers
  • Volume, Mute, and Dim controls, plus individual speaker Mute and Solo
  • Automated Speaker Calibration with included microphone precisely balances, tunes and aligns all speakers to deliver greater accuracy to the mix position in any room; 12 bands of Room EQ, Delay, Level per speaker
  • Per-speaker, 8-Band User EQ allows standard and customized response curves such as X-Curve and compensation for perforated screen transmission loss
  • Sophisticated subwoofer integration for LFE channels and bass management
  • Variable Audio/Video Sync delay allows compensation for video display latency
  • Stereo Aux Out with dedicated level control, EQ and talk back system allows an independent feed to be sent to talent or a remote “green room”
  • Create, store and instantly recall project-specific configurations and speaker tunings
  • Intuitive setup and control with included Macintosh, Windows and iOS/Android tablet software or optional Intonato Desktop Controller
  • Low-noise fan for quiet operation

Más detalles

While the approach to control room monitoring has remained consistent over the years, the audio signal path and production workflow have evolved tremendously. Now more than ever, the industry is breaking out of its pre-dated hardware—surround rooms are gearing up for immersive audio and stereo rooms are stepping up to surround. Smaller rooms are taking on final mixes. And today’s listening environments have changed as well, with work carried out in a broad range of spaces not purpose-built for production. Since hardware and workspace limitations are the norm, the industry needs an innovative approach that can improve the state of monitoring in music, post and broadcast production rooms.

JBL set out to develop a complete next-generation system that takes control room monitoring to the next level, empowering content creators to produce consistently superior output regardless of the spaces where they find themselves, or the formats they are asked to deliver. Answering the call for greater dynamic range, neutral-in-room response and detailed imaging, JBL has introduced the new 7 Series Master Reference Monitors, in both powered and installed models. And the JBL Intonato 24 was developed as the heart of this next-generation monitoring system, designed for seamless integration with JBL 7 series or the myriad of other professional monitors available today.

A Complete System

Intonato 24 pairs with JBL 7 Series studio monitors to create the first complete monitoring system designed for immersive audio production in control rooms of any size. While Intonato was designed as the hub of the new JBL 7 Series installed reference monitor system, the unit can be used with any passive or powered speakers. In addition, the HARMAN BLU link network protocol allows Intonato 24 to be digitally networked with Crown power amplifiers and a wide assortment of system components.

Automated Speaker Calibration for Monitoring Accuracy

Room acoustics can play a dramatic part in what you hear at the mix position. Regardless of the make and model of the speakers, geometry and construction of the room can create acoustic anomalies that lead even the most talented mixers astray. Let’s face it, in troublesome low-frequency areas, the room is in control.

Intonato 24 includes an innovative Automated Speaker Calibration process that “tunes” each speaker to compensate for speaker placement and room acoustics, delivering neutral response to the mix position–even in less-than-ideal work spaces. With an included calibration microphone, Intonato 24 measures and automatically adjusts each speaker in the system, tackling room-related low-frequency issues and precisely matching the level and “time-of-flight” from each speaker to the mix position. The result is a finely-tuned system that takes the guesswork out of mixing. This sophisticated tuning capability alone makes Intonato 24 a compelling upgrade to any mix facility.

Immersive Ready: The Most I/O in Its Class

Intonato 24 comes standard with the most I/O in its class and is compatible with nearly every monitoring format, including stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and new immersive formats. With the power to manage monitoring systems of up to 24 speakers, Intonato 24 makes immersive monitoring possible in existing control rooms. Intonato 24 features internal routing and a mixer to provide unprecedented monitoring flexibility. Any combination of up to 24 analog and digital sources can be patched, routed and selectively monitored via any of the connected speaker or headphone systems. You can also create and store customized down-mix configurations.

Sophisticated Subwoofer Integration

With Intonato 24, multiple subwoofers can be connected, tuned, balanced and integrated into your monitoring systems. Up to 4 subwoofers can be assigned as “Bass Management” subs with selectable crossover settings, and the same or different subwoofers can be used to reproduce the LFE (low frequency effects) channel of a soundtrack.

Configuration by Project, Client Workflow

Complete configurations, including speaker setup parameters, EQ, subwoofer settings, input source patching, and down-mix preferences can be stored as “profiles” and “scenes” and instantly recalled (even mid-session) to meet the requirements of specific projects and clients.

Intuitive GUI Control

An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows you to control Intonato 24 from Mac, Windows, iOS and Android tablets. The optional Intonato Desktop Controller puts monitor system control at your fingertips, providing elegant control of system volume, recall of user-configured scenes, activation of speaker mutes and solos, and other frequently used features.


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version 1.2.14, updated: sep 2023
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Owner's Manuals
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JBL Intonato Desktop Controller | Accessory Controller for Intonato 24 Monitor Management System
JBL Intonato Desktop Controller Main photo
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The Intonato Desktop Controller is an intuitive and ergonomic hardware-based remote control for the powerful JBL Intonato 24 Monitor Management Tuning System. Featuring a small footprint and rugged, high-quality construction, the controller provides tactile access to the key functions of Intonato 24. Ease of use is the hallmark of its design, from the conveniently laid out controls to the informative multi-color LCD displays. As simple to set up as it is to use, the Intonato Desktop Controller adds convenience and flexibility to any Intonato 24 system.

  • Power Over Ethernet (POE)—connects with a single Ethernet cable
  • Backlit multi-color display
  • Anodized aluminum faceplate and Volume knob
  • Intuitive layout
  • Single-purpose buttons
  • Easy integration and connection to Intonato 24 and the Intonato 24 software
  • Provides "monitor section" functions of a studio mixing console
  • Easy to update firmware through network connection
  • SPL indicator provides visual loudness reference






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