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12x6 Digital Zone Processor

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With 12 inputs and 6 outputs and Ethernet control the dbx ZonePRO® 1261 is the newest members of the ZonePRO® family providing a complete suite of signal processing and control for Commercial Audio applications.

Designed to offer superior system sonic performance and flexibility, the 1261/1261 deliver the highest quality tools available. Even the input and outputs connectors were chosen for their standard usage and reliability. The ZonePRO products offer Euroblock connectors for balanced signals and RCA connectors for interfacing with consumer equipment often used in commercial applications; there is also a simple analog input buss that allows inputs to be sent from one unit to the next for unit and job scalability. The 1261 provides every necessary processing tool, from the input processing like gain control and EQ available on all inputs to highly sophisticated and specific functions such as selectable paging microphone processing including Gating, De-Essing, Auto Gain Control, Compression and Feedback Suppression. The heart of the ZonePRO products is the Routing module that provides of course Primary Source Selection but also Source Ducking for Paging and Priority Override. The outputs also offer a wealth of processing designed for commercial applications like our patent-pending AutoWarmth® function that was co-developed with JBL to provide natural low frequency extension at any signal level. Each output also offers EQ, Bandpass and Crossover filters, Limiting and Delay for system optimization. With the ZonePRO® every tool is at your disposal to maximize the response of your system.

Beyond processing, the ZonePRO® products offer multiple forms of control to further extend the versatility of your system. From easy-to-use wall panel Zone Controllers for standard end-user functions like source select and volume control to advanced system control including a built-in Real Time Clock that can provide programmable system changes throughout the day or week. For system setup and monitoring the ZonePRO Designer software provides an intuitive interface and a speedy setup Wizard for configuring and editing all system parameters. The addition of Ethernet control means that not only will it work with standard network equipment, but it can also be accessed from remote dialup locations or from wireless access points.

The ZonePRO® 1261 will take your Commercial Audio system to the next level with advanced processing, versatility and control.


  • Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS™)
  • Autowarmth®
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Compression
  • Limiting
  • Noise Gating
  • Notch Filtering
  • Bandpass and Crossover Filters
  • Parametric EQ
  • Security Lockout
  • Wall Panel Control
  • RS-232 Control
  • IEC, UL and CSA Approvals


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Input 12 Total (2) Switchable mic or line, (8) RCA, and (1) S/PDIF
Input Connectors Euroblock (Line and Mic) RCA (Source)
Input Impedance Euroblock > 50kΩ Balanced, >25kΩ Unbalanced, RF Filtered; RCA >25kΩ Unbalanced, RF Filtered
Max Input +20dBu Mic/Line, +12dBu RCA
CMRR > 40dB, typically >55db @ 1kHz
Mic Preamp gain 30 to 60dB
Mic Preamp Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) <-118dB
Mic Preamp Phantom Power 15V
Output 6 Analog
Output Connectors Euroblock
Output Type Electronically balanced, RF filtered
Output Impedance 120 ohms balanced, 60ohm unbalanced
Max Output +20dBu
A/D Converter dbx Type IV™ conversion system
A/D Dynamic Range (line) >113 dB, A-weighted, >110 dB unweighted
Type IV Dynamic Range >119 dB, A-weighted, 22kHz BW; >117 dB, A-weighted, 22kHz BW
Sample Rate 48kHz
D/A Dynamic Range 112 dB A-weighted, 109dB unweighted
Dynamic Range >110 dB A-weighted, >107dB unweighted
THD+Noise 0.003% typical at +4dBu, 1kHz, 0dB gain
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz, +/-0.5dB
Interchannel Crosstalk >80dB typical
Propagation Delay 0.6 msec
Operating Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 27 W
Unit Weight 6.8 lbs.(3.1 kg)
Shipping Weight 8.8 lbs. (4.0 kg)
Dimensions 1.75” H x 5.75” D x 19” W
Safety Agency Certifications UL 60065, IEC 60065, E 60065, EN 55013

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1261 FAQs

What serial adapters work with the 1261 ZonePRO?

Please refer to the following: RS-232Adaptors.pdf

How do I perform a hard reset on the 1261 ZonePRO?

Remove the lid (2 screws on each side of lid and top center screw on face).
The below led refers to the led which is located on the mainboard, just left of center and about 2.5 inches back from the face.

  1. Push and release the button on the left (CPU Reset).
  2. Led lights green.
  3. Led lights red.
  4. When led goes off, press and hold the right side button (Flash Download).
  5. Led lights green.
  6. Led lights red.
  7. Led lights green/red (amber).
  8. Led lights green, now release flash download button.
  9. Wait about 30 seconds. The led should now alternate between green and red, indicating that the unit has fully booted.

Note: You can also perform a Hard or Soft reset from the Help menu located in the Program Screen in ZonePRO Designer. However, you must already be connected for this to work.

How to connect to a dbx ZonePRO Processor using ZonePRO Designer Software

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Connecting to a dbx ZonePRO Processor using ZonePRO Designer Software


How to setup a dbx ZonePRO™ Product using the Configuration Wizard in ZonePro Designer

ZonePRO You Tube Video Link:

Setting up a dbx ZonePRO™ Product using the Configuration Wizard in ZonePro Designer


How do you set up page steering in ZonePRO Designer using dbx ZC-3 and ZC-7 controllers?

ZonePRO YouTube Video Link:

dbx Page Steering with ZC3 and ZC7 Zone Controllers

HARMAN Professional Solutions:

dbx 1261

12x6 Digital Zone Processor