Get legendary sound quality with the EON208P all-in-one portable PA system, complete with an 8-channel mixer, Bluetooth audio and included AKG microphone. With a convenient suitcase-style design, the portability of the EON208P makes it easy to get great sound anywhere. The compact and lightweight form factor means you can carry the entire system with one hand. The 8-channel detachable mixer provides professional connections for mics, instruments and line-level sources, while the 8 inch two-way stereo speakers deliver best-in-class audience coverage. Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to stream audio from your mobile device. Plus, with 300 watts, you’ll have more than enough volume to be heard.

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Bluetooth Streaming

With Bluetooth connectivity, EON208P lets you stream audio from your mobile device. Now you can DJ a party right from the dance floor, or play pre-recorded material for your meeting, worship event, or health club—all without the hassle of wires.

Portable Design

EON208P puts professional audio within arm’s reach—literally. The twin 8 inch speakers and 8-channel mixer clip together to form the most comprehensive, lightweight and portable PA in its class. Carry it in one hand with a guitar slung over your shoulder to play coffee shops and medium-sized gigs or transform any outdoor event into an epic performance. Then take it to the office for the big presentation on Monday.With uncompromising JBL sound quality and effortless portability, you’ll want to take it everywhere. The versatile enclosures facilitate stacking, pole mounting and monitor position.

Professional-Grade Mixer

The 8-channel detachable mixer gives you the power and flexibility to sculpt your sound and be heard with stunning clarity at any venue. Simply connect your mics, instruments and other sound sources and start performing. The intuitive mixer helps you dial-in great live sound quickly and easily.

Superior Performance

JBL Professional is the world's leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, using custom designed and built drivers to achieve optimal performance. The 8 inch woofers and 1 inch dome tweeters on the 208P combine to deliver crisp, deep bass response, clear, unmuddied mids and extraordinary detail and balance in high frequencies.

Flexible Control

The 208P features an 8-channel mixer for a variety of applications. Channels 1-4 can accept either a 1/4 inch instrument cable or an XLR cable and have volume, reverb, treble and bass control. Additionally, channels 1-3 allow for both phantom power and Hi-Z input. Channels 5 and 6 accept either a stereo pair of 1/4 inch TRS plugs or stereo RCA cables. Channels 7 and 8 accept a stereo 3.5mm input for mobile devices like phones, tablets or Bluetooth streaming audio from any compatible device. The 208P also offers a highly-robust output section, allowing separate channels to run monitors, headphones and a subwoofer channel at the same time.

Included AKG Mic

The 208P ships with a handheld AKG vocal mic to get users started right away.


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    Packaged 8" 2-Way PA with Powered 8-Channel Mixer and Bluetooth®

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