Installable Portable PA Speakers

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EON610, EON612, EON615, EON618S

“A significant upgrade to the EON range that not only adds onboard, remote-controllable EQ, but sounds (and looks) great, too.” —Sound on Sound


“The JBL EON 610 is an ultra-lightweight speaker perfect for mobile performers. On the volume front, it can crank up to 124 dB which is more than enough to cover a small to medium-sized venue. At 26 lbs (11.79 kg) it feels like a feather compared to some other speakers.” —


“We can’t speak highly enough of the new EON 615. They sound phenomenal, they’re built like Soviet tanks, and they offer up a wide array of versatile options. Throw in a street price under $500 and we’re sold.” —Performer Magazine


“Given the performance of the 612, if you’re in the market for a high-quality portable PA for small to medium venues at around this price point, the new JBL EON 600 series are loudspeakers that you really should be auditioning.” —Guitar Interactive Magazine/p>