HiQnet Audio Architect (Windows)

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2020

HiQnet Audio Architect™ is the ultimate software application designed to configure and control the widest varieties of professional installed sound systems. This system design and configuration software presents a system design philosophy centered on operational workflow, and the use of a diagrammatic representation of the physical venue. Devices understand both their physical and logical placement - in racks and rooms - and the software therefore becomes ‘educated’ about how they are to be used in the real-world.

Audio Architect then automates many of the laborious system design tasks for free. Control interfaces for control and monitoring of all manner of groups of devices are generated automatically.

The simplest drag-and-drop networking interface available today provides the optimal user experience while provided system-wide networked audio routing and advanced tools for custom panel creation, creating logic rules, configuring access control and many more.

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