PRX400 Series (APAC)

PRX400 passive speakers were designed to provide the sensitivity, frequency response and power handling needed to address a multitude of demanding audio environments while still being reasonably priced. For musicians, DJ’s, House of Worship, public address, or suspended in a commercial environment like a school or nightclub, they can be used with a powered mixer or a full rack of amps and signal processing, delivering the sound power and bandwidth necessary to make loud music sound natural and even quiet speech intelligible. Comprised of tour tested JBL components in rugged enclosures with professional connectors and suspension points, three 2-way designs and an 18" sub-woofer tackle tough jobs affordably and professionally.

  • PRX412M

    12" Two-Way Stage Monitor and Loudspeaker System
  • PRX412M-WH

    12" Two-Way White Utilitly/Stage Monitor Loudspeaker System
  • PRX415M

    15" Two-Way Stage Monitor and Loudspeaker System
  • PRX415M-WH

    15" Two-Way White Utility/Stage Monitor Loudspeaker System
  • PRX418S

    18" Subwoofer
  • PRX425

    15" Two-Way Loudspeaker System

    JBL Gas Assist Speaker Pole

    JBL Manual Adjust Speaker Pole

    JBL Gas Assist Speaker Tripod

    JBL Manual Adjust Speaker Tripod

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