Bringing JBL’s legendary acoustics to an affordable price point, the JRX200 Series portable PA system is ideal for a wide range of live-sound environments. Leveraging over 70 years of JBL’s innovative, world-class transducer technology, JRX200 speakers provide unprecedented value, excellent sound performance and trusted reliability. With three loudspeaker models—JRX212, JRX215 and JRX225—as well as the JRX218S subwoofer, the JRX200 Series offers the flexibility to create the perfect system for any application.

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Superior Build

In addition to premium sound reproduction, JRX200 Series speakers features rugged enclosures that are acoustically optimized and built for the long haul. Constructed with sturdy 19 mm (3/4 in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), JRX200 Series is extremely durable and offers excellent low-frequency response. The speakers also feature an attractive 18-guage hexagon perforated, steel grille as well as a dual-angle pole-mount socket. The grille provides ultimate protection without compromising acoustic performance, while the socket allows you to tilt the speakers up to 10° for enhanced coverage. Plus, JRX200 speakers are equipped with non-resonant, all-steel handles that make transporting your system from gig to gig a walk in the park.

Designed for Live Performances

Perfect for musicians, DJs, presenters and entertainers, the JRX200 Series portable PA system is designed to be used as floor monitors or front-of-house loudspeakers. Combining plenty of sensitivity and power handling to cut through volume on stage as well as the power and acoustics to treat guests to a memorable live-sound experience, JRX200 Series delivers smooth response and maximum gain before feedback. The speakers also feature JBL’s SonicGuard™ technology, which protects the high-frequency drivers from excess power levels without sacrificing audio performance.

Unmatched Acoustics

Like every JBL speaker, the JRX200 Series was engineered to deliver excellent sound. Equipped with JBL’s renowned drivers, JRX200 Series loudspeakers provide rich, high-quality audio that fills a room. These PA speakers also feature JBL’s Progressive Transition™ high-frequency waveguide technology, which provides superior coverage control, reduced distortion and smooth frequency response. Mixed with an advanced network topology crossover that delivers a consistent sound across the venue, JRX200 Series allows you to sound your best during every performance.


JRX200 SERIES Products

  • JRX212


    12 in. Two-Way Stage Monitor Loudspeaker System
  • JRX215


    Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System
  • JRX225


    Dual 15" Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System
  • JRX218S


    18" CompactSubwoofer

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The Accessories You Need

Your live sound system isn’t complete without portable speaker bags and dependable high-quality stands for quick, reliable setup. JBL offers durable speaker bags by Gator, and a variety of gas-assist and manual-adjust speaker stands built to seamlessly match your JRX200 system and provide a reliable foundation for your next gig, event or tour.

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