18" Self-Powered Subwoofer


18" Self-Powered Subwoofer

The EON618S is a powered portable PA subwoofer in the EON600 series from JBL Professional. It has been designed to deliver class leading performance in a variety of applications supporting EON600 and other full range systems. A lightweight, highly useful enclosure allows the speaker to be easily transported and set up wherever low frequency reinforcement is needed.



  • JBL Premium Transducers
  • 1000 W highly efficient Class-D amplification
  • Maximum SPL Output: 134dB
  • System Type: Self powered 18” Subwoofer
  • Frequency Range (-10dB): 31Hz - 150Hz
  • Frequency Response (- 3dB): 42.5Hz - 150Hz
  • Bluetooth Control
    • 3 Parametric EQs + Hi & Lo Shelf • Gain and Delay • Save and Recall settings • Polarity Inversion
  • JBL Engineered Crossover Presets
    • 80 Hz • 100 Hz • 120 Hz • EON
  • M20 Pole Cup
  • Rugged, stage-ready Duraflex enclosure


“A significant upgrade to the EON range that not only adds onboard, remote-controllable EQ, but sounds (and looks) great, too.” —Sound on Sound


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EON618S Spec Sheet
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EON G4 Series - Declaration of Conformity
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EON G4 Series - EU-Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
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EON Connect
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EON Connect
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User Guides
EON600 Users Guide
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EON600 Connect User Guide - French
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EON600 Connect User Guide - German
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EON600 Connect User Guide - Spanish
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EON600 Connect User Guide
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EON618S Back
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EON618S Angle No Grill
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EON618S Angle
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EON618S Front No Grill
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EON618S Front
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System Type Self powered 18” Subwoofer
Maximum SPL Output 134 dB
Frequency Response (-10dB) 31Hz –150Hz
Frequency Response (-3 dB) 42.5Hz – 150Hz
系统额定功率 1000W Peak, 500W Continuous


22k (balanced)
Line Input Gain 0 to 36 dBu
Line +14dBu
LED指示灯 Front Power LED (Defeatable, white) Rear Power LED (White), Bluetooth (Blue), EQ+ (Green) Preset (Green) Signal (Green) Limit (Orange)
散热 Passive
AC power input 100-120VAC 50/60Hz; 230-240VAC 50/60Hz
AC Power Consumption (120V~) 1/8th Power – 1.14A (Max), 1/4th Power – 1.71A (Max), 1/3rd Power – 2.03A (Max)
低频驱动单元 1 x JBL 618H 457mm (18”) woofer with 2” voice coil
分频频率 Selectable; 80 Hz, 100 hz, or 120 Hz
材料 Duraflex coated wooden enclosure
Suspension/Mounting M20 Threaded Pole Cup
Handles 2
网罩 Powder coated, Obsidian, perforated steel with acoustically transparent black cloth backing
尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 582mm x 668mm x 645mm (22.9in x 26.3in x 25.4in)
重量 72 lbs (35.5 kg)


91 lbs (41.2 kg)
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) 803mm x 768mm x 631mm (31.6" x 30.2" x 25.1")
麦克风输入 2
幻象电源 No
EQ 3 Parametric EQs + Hi & Lo Shelf


DSP Presets
输入通道 2 x Balanced XLR-1/4” combination inputs
输出 2 x male XLR loop thru out
Enclosure Duraflex coated plywood


EON618S-CVR | Deluxe Padded Protective Cover for EON618S
EON618S-CVR Main photo

Deluxe padded cover for EON618S. Water Resistant Black Nylon Exterior, 5mm Padding, Handle Access Openings.