Control SB210 (停产)

Dual 10 in. Indoor / Outdoor High Output Compact Subwoofer


Dual 10 in. Indoor/Outdoor High Output Compact Subwoofer

The Control SB210 provides low frequency reinforcement for a wide variety of sound system applications. Its compact size, high output and outdoor capable design makes it one of the most versatile subwoofers in the installation market.


  • 2 x 250 mm (10 in ) Aluminum/ Ceramic Composite Cone Drivers.
  • 400 W Power Handling.
  • Fully Outdoor Capable Design.
  • SonicGuard™ Overload Protection.
  • 13 x M6 Suspension Inserts for Optional U-Bracket.
  • AV Shielded.
  • Compact, Low Profile Design.


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Control SB210 Spec Sheet
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SB210 Input modules
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Control SB210 Spec Sheet
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Control Contractor Brochure
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频率范围 42 Hz - 200 Hz (-10 dB)
功率容量 800 W Continuous Program Power; 400 W Continuous Pink Noise
标称灵敏度 95 dB, 1 W @ 1 M in half space (2 in loading)


48 Hz - 120 Hz ( ± 3 dB)
Maximum SPL (1m) 122 dB (in half - space)
标称阻抗 8 Ohms
Minimum Impedance 7 Ohms at 100 Hz
Low Frequency 2 x 250 mm (10 in) dia., 50 mm (2 in) edge wound ribbon voice coil, Aluminum/Ceramic Composite cone.
音箱材料 High Impact PolyStyrene (HIPS) w / internal 8 mm polyurethane co-mold.
网罩 Thermoset composite coated steel, multi-layer.
Overload Protection SonicGuard™
环境 IEC 529 IP-X% rating. Exceeds MilSpec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature& UV. Passes Mil-STd-202F for salt spray.
Terminations Screw-down terminal strips, zinc plated copper base, nickel-plated metal screw/washers. Accepts up to 9 mm outside, 4 mm inside open lug (#6, #8 or #10 lug), plus bare wire (up to AWG/2.5mm2).
Colors Black or White (-WH)
尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 356 x 590 x 570 mm (14 x 23.3 x 22.5 in.)
Net Weight (each) 17.1 kg (38 lb)
Shipping Weight (ea) 19.4 kg (43 lb)


1 pc MTC-PC4 input panel cover, 4 pcs MTC-210FT floor standing foot,4pcs MTC-210RT foot receptacle for stacking.
Optional Accessories MTC-210UB U-Bracket
Accessories 4MTTC-210-SAT stereo / mono high passing network with Satellite outputs MTC-210T mono network with transformers for 70.7/100V distributed line systems. Taps at 250 W, 125 W, 62 W (plus 31 W for 70.7V only). MTC-210T-SAT stereo/mono passing network with Satellite outputs and transformers for 70.7/100-Volt distributed line systems. Taps at 125 W, 62 W, 31 W (plus 15W for 70.7V only).


Control SB210 (停产)

Dual 10 in. Indoor / Outdoor High Output Compact Subwoofer