NANO300 Series is a set of professional speakers developed by JBL for sound reinforcement for live performance, band gigging or small concert, and contains three models: NANO350 (10-inch two-way passive speaker), NANO355 (15-inch two-way passive speaker) and NANO358SP (18-inch powered subwoofer).

Equipped with premium JBL transducers and 100°×60° (H×V) waveguide, NANO350 and NANO355 are capable of reproducing musical pick-ups with great accuracy and forming a well-balanced audience coverage. Both the two models are under protection of JBL SonicGuardTM technology, leaving users out of the worries of overload.  Their enclosure, built from PP impact copolymer, is compact and easy to transport. Arc-shaped edges, multiple M10 suspension points and one 36mm pole-mounting socket, NANO350 and NANO355 can be installed in different ways for use as a main or monitor speaker.

NANO358SP powered subwoofer uses an 18-inch high-power and long-excursion LF transducer and delivers extended low frequency with the lowest distortion. The subwoofer provides four crossover presets (80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz & NANO (default)) for users to choose from while facing different sound amplification situations.

NANO300 SERIES Products

  • NANO350


    Portable Passive 10” Two-Way, Bass-Reflex Design
  • NANO355


    Portable Passive 15" Two-Way Speaker
  • NANO358SP


    18” Self-Powered Subwoofer