Dual 15" Subwoofer with Differential Drive®

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Dual 15" Subwoofer with Differential Drive®

The VLA-C125S uses JBL proven technology components, featuring dual 15” Differential Drive® transducers.

Enclosures feature multi-layer reinforced fiberglass and steel end-panels. Grilles are zinc plated, powder coated 14-gauge perforated steel with an acoustically transparent black grill cloth backing, a hydrophobic mesh underlayer, and a waterproof rail system.

The rigging system is inherent to the design of the system. Inter-box angles are selected when the array is assembled. Other accessories include a rigging frame, pull-back bar, and a cardioid kit.


  • Compact line array module optimized for permanent install applications
  • Advanced technology component transducers for low weight and high output
  • Outdoor IP55 rated enclosure for protection from dust and water
  • Comprehensive rigging points for creating a line array configuration
  • Fiberglass box construction and weatherized components
  • Dual 15” transducers


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file type icon VLA-C125S Spec Sheet
version 4, updated: août 2023
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CAD Drawings
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Application Guides
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file type icon VLA-C-SB2 2D Dimensional Drawing PDF
en version A, updated: oct. 2020
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file type icon VLA-C-SB2 Suspension Brkt Kit Contents & Instructions
version A, updated: oct. 2020
  1,48 Mo oct. 2020
file type icon VLA-C-125S-ACC Cardioid Subwoofer Kit
version A, updated: juin 2020
  2,79 Mo juin 2020
Ease Data
file type icon VLAC Rev B (Mar 2020) EASE GLL
updated: oct. 2020
    9,01 Mo oct. 2020
Preset Libraries
file type icon VLA-C DCi Preset Library - R2.0
version 2.0, updated: nov. 2023
2.0    747 ko nov. 2023
file type icon VLA-C iTech HD Preset Library - R2.0
version 2.0, updated: nov. 2023
2.0    637 ko nov. 2023

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Caractéristiques techniques

Frequency Range (-10dB) 52 Hz – 210 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 62 Hz – 123 Hz
System Power Rating 1600 W Continuous Pink Noise (6400 W peak), 2 hrs800 W Continuous Pink Noise (3200W peak), 100 hrs
Maximum Input Voltage 80 V Rms (2 hrs), 160 V peak
Maximum SPL (1m) 127 dB Cont. Ave (2 hrs), 133 dB Peak
Sensitivity 98 dB (52 Hz – 210 Hz, 2.83V)
Impedance 4Ω, 3.0Ω min @ 195 Hz
Amplifiers Crown DCi Family with DSP on-board
Recommended Crown DCi 2 | 2400N Crown DCi 4 | 2400N
LF Driver 2 x 2275H, 304 mm (15 in) diameter , each with two 76 mm (3 in) diameter voice coils, Neodymium Differential Drive®, Direct Cooled™
Enclosure Material Fiberglass shell, gelcoat finish, with 18 mm Birch plywood internal bracing.
Grille Powder coated 14 gauge hex-perforated steel with zinc under-coating, backed with acoustically transparent cloth and hydrophobic screen.
Inter-Enclosure Angles VLA-C125S to VLA-C125S: 0° using VLA-C125S Bracket Plate (included with VLA-C125S)VLA-C265 below VLA-C125S Subwoofer (VLA-C265 cannot be connected above C125S): 0°, 5° using VLA-C125S Bracket Plate (included with VLA-C125S)VLA-C2100 below VLA-C125S Subwoofer (VLA-C2100 cannot be connected above C125S): 0°, 7.5° using VLA-C125S Bracket Plate (included with VLA-C125S)
Environmental IP-55 rating per IEC529 (dust protected and protected against jets of water).
Terminals CE-compliant covered barrier strip terminals. Barrier terminals accept up to 5.2 sq mm (10 AWG) wire or max width 9mm (0.375 in) spade lugs. Touch-proof covers. Full set of terminals on back panel, plus optional-use inter-cabinet connection terminals located on top and bottom panels of cabinet.
Colors -GR: Gray (similar to Pantone 420C), -BK: Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 508 x 848 x 634 mm (20.0 x 33.4 x 24.9 in)
Net Weight (each) 56.7 kg (125 lbs)
Shipping Weight (ea) 62.6 kg (138 lbs)
Included Accessories 2 x VLA-C125S Bracket Plates
8 pcs. M10 x 35 mm stainless steel bolts (1.5mm pitch, 6 mm hex-drive) for attaching Bracket Plates
2 pcs. Plastic Trim Cover Panels for Bracket Plates, each attaches via
4 pcs (8 total) 3-32 x ½” trusshead, phillips-drive, stainless steel bolts.
Optional Accessories VLA-C-SB2 (JBL-VLACSB2BK) Suspension Bracket Kit
VLA-C125S-ACC Kit – For wiring of 3 VLA-C-125S subwoofers in cardioid configuration (2 front-facing and 1 rear-facing). Allows for neat, unexposed inter-cabinet wiring via the tops and bottoms of cabinets.