Control 2P Powered Speaker

The Control 2P Compact Powered Reference Monitor System combines JBL’s legendary loudspeaker design with powerful amplification to deliver rich, accurate performance for the most demanding audio applications. The compact design, rugged enclosure, and professional feature-set make the Control 2P Compact Powered Reference Monitor ideal for desk-top recording and video production, audio visual presentations, professional broadcast applications, and monitoring of electronic musical instruments.

  • C2PS

    Control 2P (Stereo Pair)
  • C2PM

    Control 2P (Host Only)
  • MTC-2P Mounting kit

    The Control 2P Host Speaker and Extension Speaker can be wall-mounted using the optional MTC-2P

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“These speakers belie their small size with a quality and accuracy of sound that can provide producers and editors a pretty fair indication of what their audio really sounds like.” —Post Magazine


“JBL has hit the sweet spot with the versatile Control 2P, a compact powered monitor that fits multiple applications from audio production to AV, electronic instruments, and home entertainment.” —High Fidelity Review