Since we first opened our doors in 1946, JBL has taken immense pride in ensuring our students perform to the highest standards. Our focus has always been on giving them the latest in cutting-edge technology to ensure that they are prepared for whatever the real world throws at them, backed up by a seven-year warranty for many of them. This has seen our alumni take up important positions all over the world.

The latest generation of JBL graduates have exactly what it takes to live up to the standards set by their illustrious predecessors. Whether it is on stage, in the club, filling a stadium or heading out on tour they will deliver the finest performance. It is the dedication to their craft combined with a deep understanding of their own potential that means we can happily describe PRX, IRX, EON, SRX and VTX as Best in Class.

One of the defining characteristics of IRX 100 has been the desire to work with everyone. It doesn’t seem to matter where you are or how much experience you have, IRX 100 will be right there with you. The real-world EQ presets for speech, music, vocals or flat and built-in dbx automatic feedback suppression mean that IRX 100 will give anyone the right sound in seconds.

After coping impressively with 100 hours of stress testing, the staff at JBL know that IRX 100 is robust enough to perform flawlessly in the real world. And that performance is certain to surprise a few people who don’t understand that a compact footprint can also offer powerful sound. We have seen IRX 100 go head-to-head with similar students from rival schools and come out on top every time thanks to the highest measured volume and widest frequency response in this class. IRX 100 truly is the ultimate all-rounder.

The EON name has been popular around the halls of JBL for nearly three decades. EON set the benchmark for powered systems, and the latest generation continues this legacy by offering the best performance in their category, regardless of what they are asked to do. The EON 700 family stands out from the crowd as natural entertainers who everyone wants at the party.

The EON 700 family is the life and soul of any party because they have the ability to deliver superior coverage, consistency and intelligibility at any volume. Their ability to connect also stands out. Whether that is working with others via the JBL Pro Connect App, Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming or True Wireless Stereo streaming, the EON 700 family really does like to bring everyone to the party and then makes sure they all have a great time.

The EON ONE MKII and the EON ONE COMPACT share this award as this battery-powered pair both deliver the perfect combination of performance and portability. This hard-working duo are ready to go wherever they are needed and will always deliver the professional performance you would expect from any JBL graduate.

Both EON ONE COMPACT and EON ONE MKII provide an all-in-one approach to portable sound with speaker, amp, digital mixer, and effects all rolled into one. With effortless rear panel or app-based control when either of this pair want to perform, they are ready quickly, making sure that not a moment of enjoyment is wasted. Their class-leading coverage and clarity means that they will be able to turn any performance into an event. From street performances to corporate presentations and fitness classes to worship, we are certain that you’ll find either of these much-travelled pair right there, making sure everyone gets the best experience.

The PRX900 family knows exactly what it takes to get you on the dancefloor. Each of the five members of the family take pride in the clarity and definition they can deliver at maximum volume. We all know that they can fill any space with the powerful sound from their next-generation drivers powered by 2,000W Class D amplification, but it is the control they bring to any setting that means they always get the crowd going.

The staff at JBL have been particularly impressed with the flexibility shown by the whole PRX900 family. The family has developed a comprehensive built-in DSP with optimised system presets, 12-band parametric EQ, soft system limiters and feedback suppression so we’re certain that they will sound great anywhere. We know they will go far, and we know wherever they end up, everyone will be dancing.

Right from the first day at JBL, you could tell that PRX One was going to be one of the school’s highest achievers. This well-connected member of the class with Bluetooth control makes every point clearly thanks to 130dB maximum SPL and consistent front-to-back throw.

The staff at JBL have been impressed with how much PRX One has wanted to learn from other institutions. Time spent with sister-schools like Lexicon Technical Institute, dbx College and Soundcraft Grammar has added a considerable set of skills to the already impressive feature set. Lexicon effects and dbx dynamics, including reverb, delay, chorus, gates, compressors, limiter and sub-synth combine with a Soundcraft-inspired 7-channel mixer offering dual-operating mode to ensure complete control no matter the situation. PRX One is the ultimate self-starter and has everything it takes to go all the way to the top.

Everyone at JBL loves good music, but for SRX900, talented team performance is everything. Whether it’s the latest underground act, aspiring DJ or a classic super-group, the SRX900 family supports them all and understands what it takes for them to sound great. As a team player, SRX900 can always be found as part of the best concerts. With high-power-handling transducers, precision waveguides and DSP amplifiers, the SRX900 family can be heard clearly in every corner of the event.

The staff at JBL have always been impressed with the flexibility shown by the entire SRX900 family. The family have the skills to support a variety of configurations and have shown themselves to be happy to work with the other touring graduates thanks to their common voicing and flexible deployment options. Whether it’s in support or as the super star – SRX900 delivers on every front.

We are certain that the whole family will travel and will be found at some of the best gigs on the planet – making SRX900 a future G.O.A.T!

If ever any alumni from JBL were destined for greatness on the stage in theatres and concerts all over the world, then it has to be the VTX A Series. This family of high-end performers dynamically delivers as if the show was a private performance just for you. Providing consistent voicing, coverage and linear performance thanks to next-generation transducers, VTX A series never misses a line and delivers a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

The staff at JBL know that the often-subtle image sometimes belies the depth, power, and talent of the VTX A Series family. A Series star is born and can perform on any stage with clarity and conviction.

Superior traits run throughout this family with specialised HF phase plugs and waveguides increasing the sensitivity of the performance while reducing distortion and weight. Added to this, the Radiation Boundary Integrator marries the mid-frequency drivers into the HF waveguide for a seamless transition. Such detail and beauty serve the family well, as each generation has superstar quality many others strive to develop but never match. Take a Bow.

We have a strong community at JBL and we know that our students want to stay in touch after graduation. To help them do this, and to ensure that some of our graduates will always work together, we have created the JBL Pro Connect App. This app is helping PRX ONE, PRX 900, EON ONE MKII, and EON 700 to all work together with full control of groups of up to 10. We believe this technology will help our alumni in the real world and offer vast possibilities for hands-on control.

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