DSi2.0 Firmware v1.1.12.8

Last Updated: May 06

JBL DSi2.0 Firmware version adds exciting features to the DSi2.0 Series Amplifier range. This update is part of Audio Architect.

As part of the update the below features are now enabled:

  1. Continuous Load Monitoring
  2. AES67 Interop with Dolby Atmos Connect

Additionally, there are a few other changes as listed below:

  1. The Input PEQ now has an ON/OFF control for each Band. This allows for quick Bypass function to A/B EQ changes to the system.
  2. The Amplifier Model Number is now displayed on the Front Panel screen under the IP Address.
  3. The Processing Object icons are now highlighted on the Front Panel Display when they are enabled.
  4. The Global Settings panel in Audio Architect now has a new ‘Front Panel’ section with additonal controls for Display Timeout and Meters Timeout.
  5. The SNMP MIB File is updated to include Load status and enable Traps for Load status change.

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