MP418S (discontinued)

MPro Series 18" Portable Subwoofer System

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The MPro MP418S is a compact, single eighteen inch subwoofer in a bass reflex enclosure. It is designed to supplement and extend the lowfrequency output of full-range systems in a variety of portable and fixed applications. Achieving the power and performance characteristics of the MP418S requires the use of a woofer with very high motor strength - the JBL 2241. This woofer uses VGC (Vented Gap Cooling) an exclusive JBL technology that greatly reduces the loss of output resulting from power compression.

"Subwoofer / satellite" systems (systems in which a smaller, two-way speaker is mounted over a subwoofer) have grown in popularity as users recognize the benefits of elevating the mid and high frequencies while positioning the subwoofer on the floor or stage. To support such applications, the MP418S includes a specially designed, top-mounted, 35 mm pole mount receptacle.

The input panel incorporates a pair of Neutrik Speakon NL-4 connectors wired in parallel. The subwoofer is supplied with pins 1+/- connected to the woofer. This may be easily reconfigured to work with cabling systems intended to drive subwoofers on pins 2+/-.

The MP418S is also designed to be used as an extension speaker to the powered MP418SP. When used in this manner, the result is a dual 18", powered subwoofer system with 1,320 watts total power.


  • 600 watt (average), 2,400 watt (peak), 4 ohm VGC (Vented Gap Cooling) 18 inch low frequency transducer for power and performance. VGC design greatly reduces output-robbing power compression.
  • Dual Neutrik Speakon NL-4 input connectors provided for secure connection.
  • Input connections may be reconfigured for pin 1+/- or pin 2+/- for compatibility with any cabling scheme.
  • Enclosure constructed of 18 mm plywood and coated with JBL's exclusive DuraFlex - a rugged, advanced, poly-urea finish.
  • 16 gauge, hexagon perforated, steel grill.
  • Heavy duty steel carry handles.
  • 35 mm pole mount receptacle for use with mid / high "satellite" speakers. Receptacle is ruggedized to withstand the additional stress of supporting a satellite system. Requires optional SS3-BK pole or equivalent.

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MP418S (discontinued)

MPro Series 18" Portable Subwoofer System