Intellivox HP-DS170

Active Beam Shaping Self Powered Column Loudspeaker Array IP55 Rated

Intellivox HP-DS170
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Active Beam Shaping, Self Powered, Column Loudspeaker Array, IP55 Rated

The Intellivox HP-DS170 is a self-contained, especially high-power and high-output, 2-way, wide-bandwidth beam-shaping powered column loudspeaker with a high degree of outdoor capability. Since beam shaping’s introduction in 1999 the Intellivox High Power models have been specified to solve the problems of speech intelligibility and musical reinforcement in large highly reverberant spaces including houses of worship, theaters, transportation halls and more. The Intellivox HP-DS170 is capable of delivering up to 106 dB SPL at 30 meters (100 ft) and has a horizontal dispersion of 100°. With an array length of 1.7 meters (5’ 7”) it is designed to fit unobtrusively into spaces with challenging architectural and acoustical factors. Enclosing ten, high efficiency, 6.5” loudspeakers and two coaxially mounted 1” compression drivers, each with dedicated amplification, the Intellivox HP-DS170 is capable of covering a substantial audience area while maintaining an even sound pressure level throughout.



  • IP55 rated
  • Built in DSP and amplification
  • DDS Beam Shaping
  • 6.5" Drivers
  • RS-485 serial control


  • Fill or Delay System for Intellivox installations
  • Sports Facilities
  • Concert Halls
  • Theatres
  • Touring Applications


  • Full range of mounting accessories
  • Color matching service


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Data Sheets
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CAD Drawings
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Bim Objects
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version 5.1 (License free), updated: Apr 2020
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Ease Data
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Install Guides
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Design Guides
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Parts & Service


Maximum SPL (30m) Continuous : 97 dB SPL
Peak : 105 dB SPL
Typical Maximum Throw 10-25 m / 33-82 ft
Drivers 10 x 6.5”
2 x 1” Compression
Dimensions Height- 1698mm
Width- 198mm
Depth- 189mm
Weight- 56kg / 123lb
Enclosure stainless steel (AISI 304) with epoxy coating
Color Enclosure and grill : RAL 9010 (white)
Speaker baffle : RAL 9011 (black)
Optional Accessories Multiple optional accessories available. Please see spec sheet or your local dealer for more info.
Coverage Angle Vertical complex beam shaping (via software), wide horizontal dispersion (consult spec sheet for details)


JBL Intellivox Software | Understanding Intellivox Aiming Technologies and Software Types
JBL Intellivox Software Main photo
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Aiming Technology
Digital Directivity Control™ provides beam-STEERING, based on aiming parameters.
DC models
WinControl – Allows you to set the DDC beam-STEERING settings. This same software communicates with and uploads the settings to the speaker(s)

Complex Digital Directivity Synthesis™ provides complex room coverage via beam-SHAPING. The shaping algorithm is based on a model of the room or listening space, resulting in consistent SPL and consistent frequency response from place to place within the listening space.
DS & DSX models
WinControl™ – RAPID DDS™ (which is built into WinControl) selects the right DDS™ settings based on basic room and usage parameters. This same software then uploads the setting file to the speaker(s) by pressing “Apply”.

DDA™ (Digital Directivity Analysis™) for modeling a listening space and computing DDS beam-SHAPING algorithms. Plus, WinControl™ for uploading the settings file to the speaker(s).
Software Systems
  • Directly controls DDC™-driven products for: 1) aiming axis, 2) opening angle, and 3) focus distance. 
  • It is also used to set other audio parameters, including 8 parametric EQ bands, delay, AVC (automatic volume control) functions, volume level, surveillance related parameters, pilot tone detection, priority switching, 8 full presets, and more. 
  • Enables the upload of DDA™-calculated DDS™ directivity files to the speakers. 
  • RAPID DDS™ allows creation of DDS™ files to speakers without having to use DDA™.
DC, DS and DSX Models

  • Integrates geometric modeling, direct sound prediction, statistical room acoustic prediction, graphic visualization, radiation pattern optimization and generation of output filter files.
  • The file is transferred to WinControl™ for uploading to the DSP-units of the speakers.
DDA supports all products (DC, DS and DSX) but you can only export beam SHAPING settings for DS and DSX.




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Intellivox HP-DS170

Active Beam Shaping Self Powered Column Loudspeaker Array IP55 Rated