ScreenArray Systems (3 Way)

JBL's next generation, three-way ScreenArray systems feature large format, 3", neodymium, titanium diaphragm frequency compression drivers for ultra high performance. This high frequency driver is coupled with the patented high frequency horn featuring Screen Spreading Compensation™ to correct for high frequency distortion through perforated screens. Low frequency sections feature patented Differential Drive® 15" woofers for power handling and reduced distortion. Plus, ScreenArray Series models have Optimized Aperture wave guides for ultra low distortion and extremely uniform frequency response. And as you can expect, each system has an improved, patented, crossover design using the most advanced computer modeling.

The JBL's three-way ScreenArray speakers consist of the 4732, 3732, 3731 three way systems, available in tri-amplified and bi-amplified versions, and the new 4733 bi-amplified three way system which is combined with the CRF2 reflector horn for use with solid cinema screens such as the SAMSUNG Onyx.

  • 3733


    Three-Way ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeakers
  • CRF2


    Reflector Horn for Cinema Loudspeakers
  • 3730


    Three-Way Tri/Bi-Amplified/Passive
  • 3731


    Three-Way Biamplified or Triamplified (T) ScreenArray Loudspeaker System
  • 3732


    Three-Way Biamplified or Triamplified(T) ScreenArrayLoudspeaker System
  • 4732


    Three-Way Biamplified or Triamplified(T) ScreenArrayLoudspeaker System

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