The VTX-F15-UB is a universal mounting bracket that attaches to the M10 mount points on the sides of the VTX F15 cabinet. The VTX-F15-UB allows for ground stacking, pole mounting, truss mounting or fixed installation of a single F15 enclosure. The mount bracket provides continuous tilt angle adjustment and two thumbscrews and friction washers are included to secure the F15 enclosure at the desired down or up tilt angle.
  • Detachable pole mount adapter included
  • Ground-stacking stabilizer legs included
  • Truss mounting support with optional Martin Professional Lighting Half-Coupler Clamp
  • Continuous tilt angle adjustment
  • 8 mount points for permanent installation
  • Central M12 hole for drop-down extension rod mounting
  • 1 x Universal Bracket for VTX F15
  • 2 x M10 Thumbscrews and Friction Washers
  • 1 x Pole Mount Adapter and Mount Hardware
  • 2 x Ground Support Legs with Mount Hardware


  Version Language Size Uploaded
VTX-F15-UB Spec Sheet
updated: 10月25日
    400.5 KB 10月25日
VTX-F15-UB 使用者手册
updated: 10月25日
    1008.6 KB 10月25日
Data Sheets
VTX F15 UB Spec Sheet
updated: 10月18日
    400.5 KB 10月18日
VTX F Series Attachment Guide
updated: 10月18日
    1008.6 KB 10月18日
CAD Drawings
VTX F Series 2D Drawings PDF
updated: 10月18日
    64.0 KB 10月18日
VTX F Series 3D Drawings DXF
updated: 10月18日
    127.1 KB 10月18日
VTX Series Suspension Hardware BGV-C1 Declaration of Conformity
updated: 10月18日
    159.6 KB 10月18日
Speaker Tunings
V5 DSP Crown IT4x3500HD VTX F Series
updated: 11月01日
    876.0 KB 11月01日
V5 DSP Crown I-Tech HD F Series
updated: 11月01日
    740.3 KB 11月01日

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