Dual 12-inch Line Array Loudspeaker | 120-Degree Dispersion


Dual 12” Line Array Loudspeaker with 120-degree Dispersion

The JBL A Series is a complete tour sound solution for mid- to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations. JBL VTX A12W was designed to address the requests from rental companies, FOH engineers and tour sound production crews who appreciated the advances introduced in the VTX A12, but needed wider horizontal coverage for their applications. Like the VTX A12, next-generation JBL transducer technology and a high-frequency waveguide design deliver unmatched performance, sensitivity and coverage—and now a 120-degree dispersion pattern ensures coverage for a variety of applications. VTX A12W features the same patented JBL rigging mechanism and redesigned suspension system to streamline deployment and setup, and can be flown independently or in mixed configurations with the VTX A12. Plus, VTX A12W retains the same physical design, compact size and reduced weight found in the original A12. The JBL A Series isn’t just a superior line array—it’s a completely new way to approach tour sound.



  • 120-degree dispersion pattern for wide horizontal coverage
  • New and improved JBL transducers for the best output per weight
  • Innovative HF section integrates the phasing plug and waveguide for high sensitivity and linearity even at high output levels
  • Redesigned Radiation Boundary Integrator® (RBI) for reduced horn edge diffraction, improved LF sensitivity, lower distortion and 120-degree coverage down to 250 Hz
  • Next Generation LF section, including industry-defining Differential Drive woofers, with a dual magnet, dual voice-coil design for extended linear excursion
  • Best-in-class rigging for streamlined, rapid deployment
  • Full-face grill for superior weatherization and refined aesthetics
  • New transport cart and frame for simplified transport and setup
  • Optimizations throughout the design for space efficiency and reduced weight while simultaneously improving performance
  • Full integration with JBL system control and prediction software
  • Lightweight design
  • Fully compatible with VTX A12


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file type icon VTX A12 Rigging Manual
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CAD Drawings
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Ease Data
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Preset Libraries
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Parts & Service


频率范围 (-10dB) 46 Hz - 19k Hz (Preset: VTX A12W)
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB) 120 degrees nominal (250 Hz - 18k Hz)

146 dB (Preset: VTX A12W)

System Amplification Crown Audio I-Tech HD
标称阻抗 LF: 2x 8 ohms
MF: 8 ohms
HF: 8 ohms
低频驱动单元 (2) JBL 2264H 12-inch Neodymium Differential Drive® woofer
MF Driver (4) JBL 2165H 5.5-inch Neodymium Differential Drive® woofer
HF 驱动程序 (3) JBL 2423K 2-inch annular diaphragm compression driver
Enclosure Finnish birch plywood, Black DuraFlex finish, integral recessed handles
IP Rating IP55 EN (60529)
Suspension / Mounting High-grade steel with anti-corrosion coating, captive suspension plates, quick release pins, auto-locking mechanism for setting angles
Inter-enclosure Angle 0.25 | 0.5 | 1 | 1.5 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10
尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 330 mm x 1118 mm x 495 mm
13 in x 44 in x 19.5 in
Net Weight (each) 60.8 kg (134.0 lbs)


VTX A12 AF | Array Frame
VTX A12 AF Main photo
  • Support for up to (24) VTX A12 enclosures
  • Single, front-to-back or side-by-side pick point options
  • 0.5-degree pick point resolution
  • Built-in storage position for Extension Bar
  • Includes (1) VTX A12 AF EB Extension Bar
  • Support for 3rd party laser inclinometers
  • Compatible shackle size: 5/8 in
  • (1) VTX A12 AF
  • (1) Extension Bar
  • (1) Laser Bracket
  • (3) 5/8-inch Shackle

VTX A12 AF EB | Array Frame Extension Bar
VTX A12 AF EB Main photo
  • Extension Bar for use with VTX A12 AF
  • Single, front-to-back, or side-by-side pick point options
  • 0.5-degree pick point resolution
  • Lightweight design
  • Compatible shackle size: 5/8 in
  • (1) VTX A12 AF EB
  • (3) 5/8 in Shackles
  • (4) Extension Bar Attachment Brackets
  • (1) Set of Screws for Bracket Installation

VTX A12 SB | Suspension Bar
VTX A12 SB Main photo
  • Suspension Bar accessory for VTX A12
  • Used for pull-back applications
  • Support for suspending VTX A12
  • Support for up to (18) VTX A12 enclosures
  • Lightweight design
  • Color: black
  • Shackle Size: 5/8 in
  • (1) Suspension Bar
  • (1) 5/8 in Shackle

VTX DELTA | Delta Plate
VTX DELTA Main photo


  • High-quality universal delta plate accessory
  • Support for up to (24) JBL Line Array enclosures
  • Allows for up to +/- 10-degrees of horizontal adjustment
  • Lightweight design
  • Recommended point spacing: 1 meter (3.3 ft)
  • (1) VTX Delta
  • (3) 5/8 in Shackles

VTX A12 VT | Vertical Transporter
VTX A12 VT Main photo
  • Vertical transport cart for (4) VTX A12 enclosures
  • Truck-friendly dimensions
  • Includes a hard top for easy stacking
  • Built-in stacking features for easy storage
  • Support for ground stacking
  • Lightweight design
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • (1) Vertical Transporter
  • (1) VT-TOP

VTX A12 VT CVR | Vertical Transporter Cover
VTX A12 VT CVR Main photo
  • Heavy-duty soft cover for VTX A12 enclosures
  • Covers (4) VTX A12 enclosures on a VTX A12 VT
  • Includes input-panel flaps for testing purposes
  • Clear see-through pocket for shipping labels
  • Handle cut-outs for easy transportation
  • Folds and stores in the VTX A12 VT
  • Heavy-duty industrial-grade zippers
  • (1) VTX A12 VT CVR

VTX A12 VT GND | Vertical Transporter Ground Stack
VTX A12 VT GND Main photo
  • Outrigger system for VTX A12 VT, VTX B28 VT and other compatible Vertical Transporters
  • Four screw jacks included for height adjustment
  • Innovative spring-based angle-set mechanism
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Range: -15 to +5 degree
  • Vertical Transporter not included
(1) VTX A12 VT GND

VTX A12 BP | Base Plate for VTX A12
VTX A12 BP Main photo


  • Enables ground stacking VTX A12 arrays
  • Universal M20 threaded pole mount
  • Attaches directly to VTX B28 subwoofer enclosure
  • Array angles selectable between -15 degrees and +5 degrees
  • Two-part lightweight design


  • (2) VTX A12 BP Base Plate (Left / Right)












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Dual 12-inch Line Array Loudspeaker | 120-Degree Dispersion