Vertical Transporter Ground Stack

The VTX A12 VT GND outrigger system works in conjunction with the VTX A12 VT and allows A12 enclosures to be groundstacked without the need to remove speakers from the transportation cart. The two outriggers extend in front of and behind the stack and connect to the VT using the two included Quick-Release Pins. Screw jacks are used to lift the stack off the ground, and the innovative spring based angle-set hinges are used to adjust aiming. The hinge mechanism uses gas-filled springs, which allow adjustment of the overall stack angle without having to lift the speakers or move any heavy parts.
  • Outrigger system for VTX A12 VT
  • Support for up to 6 x VTX A12
  • 4 screw jacks are included for adjusting height
  • Innovative spring based angle-set mechanism
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Range: -10 to +10 degrees
  • VTX A12 VT not included
  • 1 x VTX A12 VT GND


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VTX A12 VT GND Spec Sheet
updated: 10月25日
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CAD Drawings
VTX A12 VT GND 2D & 3D Drawings
updated: 1月29日
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