Subcompact Passive Three-Way High Directivity Line Array Element


Subcompact Passive Three-Way High Directivity Line Array Element

The VT4886 Subcompact Passive Three-Way Line Array Element is designed to deliver high-quality reinforcement of music and speech in a wide variety of applications including concert audio and corporate A/V presentations of all types for both portable users and fixed venue installations.


  • A true 3-way system, unique to the subcompact category
  • Highest component density in its class, highest SPL output in its class
  • Variable curvature vertical (0-15 degrees) or modular, constant curvature horizontal line array
  • Integrated Mid/High waveguide provides precise vertical wavefront control and optimized 110 degree
    horizontal dispersion
  • Four midrange transducers with Thermomaster® cooling and Radiation Boundary Integrator® technology
  • Low frequency diffraction absorber eliminates cavity resonance and cabinet edge diffraction effects
  • Flexible installation accessories and dedicated OEM factory presets provide unparalleled application versatility


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VT4886 Spec Sheet
updated: 7月03日
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Vertec Subcompact Brochure
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Tour Sound Full Line Catalog
updated: 10月18日
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CAD Drawings
VT4886 2D DXF
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VT4886 2D PDF
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VT4886 3D DXF
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Array Frame 3D DXF
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Bim Objects
BIM (Revit) Files
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VerTec Series Declaration of Conformity
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Vertec Line Array Calculator
version 1.3.1, updated: 1月23日
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Speaker Tunings
Vertec All DSP Platforms
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VT4886/VT4883 All DSP Platforms
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BSS 366 VT4886 VT4883
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DBX 4800 All Libraries
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DBX 4800 VT4886 VT4883
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BSS Soundweb London All Libraries
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BSS Soundweb London VT4886 VT4883
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V4 Crown I-TECH HD All Libraries
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V4 Crown I-TECH HD VT4886 VT4883
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V4 Crown I-Tech VT4886/VT4883 Library
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V5 DSP Crown IT4x3500HD VT4886/VT4883
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V5 DSP Crown I-TECH HD V5 All Libraries
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V5 DSP Crown I-TECH HD VT4886/VT4883
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BSS 366 All Libraries
updated: 2月24日
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Helpful Links
Considerations for Deployment of Line Arrays
updated: 10月03日
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AES Paper: J and Spiral Arrays
updated: 10月03日
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AES Journal Article: Analysis of Line Arrays
updated: 10月03日
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High Frequency Components for High Output Line Arrays
updated: 10月03日
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AES Paper: Pressure Response of Line Source
updated: 10月03日
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Directional Radiation Characteristics - Line Array
updated: 10月03日
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User Guides
VT4886-UB1 User Guide
updated: 7月03日
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VT4886-HB Horizontal Bracket User Guide
updated: 7月03日
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VT4886-DF88/89 Downfill Adapters User Guide
updated: 7月03日
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VT4886-SF Short Frame User Guide
updated: 7月03日
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VT4886-UB User Guide
updated: 7月03日
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VT4886 Hi Res Image
updated: 7月03日
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Ease Data
VerTec Ease dII V3.0
updated: 10月03日
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频率范围 65 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB)


75 Hz- 18 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
Continuous Power Rating 900W
Horizontal Coverage Angle 110 degrees nominal (averaged 250 Hz - 16 kHz) (-6 dB)


JBL-VERTEC-SYS1 | Transport Case for Vertec Subcompact 4886/4883
JBL-VERTEC-SYS1 Main photo

Rotomolded Transporter Case for Vertec Subcompact Array. Includes (2) Caster boards, Hardware Tray + Array Frame Storage, and Rugged Rotomolded Cover. Designed for use with VT4886 & VT4883.