Dual 6.5-inch Powered Line Array Loudspeaker


Dual 6.5-inch Powered Line Array Loudspeaker
The SRX900 Series embodies the advanced performance principles that drive JBL's development of audio products that make a real difference in the world of professional audio. This next-generation family of powered line arrays and subwoofers addresses the growing need for scalable small and medium-format professional sound-reinforcement solutions for rental companies, fixed installations and musicians seeking the ultimate combination of performance and portability.

The SRX906LA is a compact, two-way, active line array element that can cover a variety of small- to mid-sized applications, including rental houses, touring artists, DJs, and installations. Built-in DSP and amplification offer a plug and play experience while providing consisten¬cy and optimum performance anywhere in the world.

JBL transducers and a new acoustic design provide excellent sound fidelity and best-in-class maximum SPL. The product features dual 6.5-inch neodymium Differential Drive® woofers and a three-inch compression driver. The computer-optimized enclosure is made out of composite material and offers excellent performance while remaining compact and lightweight.

An innovative three-point rigging system and a full set of accessories allow systems to scale and solve the diverse needs of production companies and installation houses. JBL Performance is a new, full-featured software package that gives users control of the system on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and iPad OS.


  • High-performance, high-density system solution in a truck-pack friendly format
  • High-power-handling transducers deliver low distortion, high fidelity, and class-leading output
  • Built-in, passively cooled Class D amplification with a universal power supply
  • Dual Ethernet ports with Neutrik etherCON connectors
  • Supports HARMAN HControl Ethernet
  • User-controllable DSP
  • LevelMax limiting uses sophisticated excursion-control algorithms to protect transducers
  • Rear-panel LCD provides complete access to control features
  • Reinforced composite loudspeaker enclosures
  • Innovative three-point rigging system


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CAD Drawings
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Owner's Manuals
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Declaration Of Conformities
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Ease Data
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Parts & Service


频率范围 (-10dB) 63 Hz-17 kHz (array preset)
覆盖范围 120 degrees nominal (500 Hz-16 kHz)
Maximum SPL 134 dB
系统类型 Line Array, two-way active
Amplifier Design Class-D
Continuous Power Rating 600 Watts | LF: 400 Watts | HF: 200 Watts
低频驱动单元 (2) JBL 2186G, 6.5 in diameter, dual 2.0 in voice coil, neodymium Differential Drive®
HF 驱动程序 (1) JBL 2432H-3, 1.5 in exit neodymium compression driver with 3 in voice coil
Enclosure Polypropylene, four integral recessed handholds
Inter-Enclosure Angles 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 243 mm x 507 mm x 420 mm
(9.5 in x 19.9 in x 16.5 in)
Net Weight (each) 16.8 kg (37 lbs)


SRX906LA AF | Array Frame for SRX906LA, support for up to 16 cabinets
SRX906LA AF Main photo


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Precision pick-point resolution
  • Two-part collapsible design
  • Support for third-party laser inclinometers
  • Support for up to (16) SRX906LA
  • Compatible shackle size: 1/2 in


  • (1) Spreader Bar
  • (1) Extension Bar
  • (1) 1/2-inch Shackle
  • (1) Laser Bracket and hardware

SRX906LA CASE | Flight Case for (4) SRX906LA
SRX906LA CASE Main photo


  • Road case for (4) SRX906LA speakers
  • Truck-friendly dimensions
  • Built-in stacking features for easy storage
  • Impact-resistant DuraFlexTM finish
  • Heavy-duty casters


  • (1) SRX906LA CASE

SRX906LA BP | Base Plate for SRX906LA
SRX906LA BP Main photo


  • Enables ground stacking SRX906LA arrays
  • Allows attaching arrays to subwoofers
  • Universal M20 threaded pole mount
  • Angle range: -15 degrees to +5 degrees
  • Compatible with VTX PM pole mount adapter
  • Support for up to (6) SRX906LA


  • (1) Base Plate
  • (1) M20 Thumb Screw

SRX900 RC1 | Rain Cover, compatible with all SRX900 models
SRX900 RC1 Main photo


  • Universal rain cover for SRX900 products
  • Supports: SRX906LA, SRX910LA, SRX918S, SRX928S
  • Flexible material for conforming to cables
  • Covers LCD, audio, and data connections
  • Unfolds for easy cable and LCD access
  • Designed to remain attached


  • (1) Rain Cover
  • (5) T15 M3.5 Screws

SRX900LA PB | Pull Back accessory, compatible with all SRX900 LA models
SRX900LA PB Main photo


  • Versatile pull-back accessory
  • Compatible with SRX906LA and SRX910LA
  • Support for up to 16 cabinets
  • Lightweight design
  • Shackle Size: 1/2 in


  • (1) Pull-Back Adapter
  • (1) 1/2-inch Black Shackle

VTX PM | Universal 35 mm Pole Mount adapter, T-Bar style
VTX PM Main photo


  • Universal pole mount adapter
  • Compatible with 35 mm poles
  • Includes M10 comfort grip stud knobs


  • (1) Pole Mount Adapter
  • (1) M8 x 1.25 Comfort Grip Stud Knob
  • (2) M10 Washers
  • (2) M10 x 1.5 Comfort Grip Stud Knob