18" Self-Powered Subwoofer System


18" Self-Powered Subwoofer System




  • Purposeful Design: Rugged, Intuitive to Use, Easy to Transport
  • JBL Premium Transducers
  • Drivecore Amplification By Crown
  • Full User Configurable DSP
  • 18" Subwoofer
  • Network Control
  • JBL Engineered Application Presets
  • LCD Screen and Glow in the Dark Ink on Back Panel
  • Accepts JBL WK-4S Caster Kit
  • M20 Threaded Pole Mount

Unprecedented Control

A full suite of User Controllable DSP driven by the SRX800 Series powerful onboard 400MHz Sharc DSP includes 20 PEQ’s, 2 seconds of delay, signal generators, Input mixing, amplifier monitoring, and 50 User Presets. In addition, the system can incorporate V5 JBL Tunings providing compatibility with our flagship Vertec and VTX touring systems. An integrated LCD screen supports fast setup and configuration.


  • Live performance systems.
  • Mobile and fixed DJ systems.
  • Sound system rental and tour.
  • Permanent installations.



Every detail in the SRX800 Series was purposefully designed and thought through with full consideration for its intended use. Ergonomically designed handles support an easy, non-fatiguing grip for streamlined handling. M10 suspension points, indexed feet, and pole/tripod mounts support a wide, flexible array of configurations.


JBL’s patented Differential Drive® Technology ferrite drivers incorporate 3" voice coils with lower mass ferrite magnets for reduced weight, increased power handling, exceptionally low distortion and extended low frequency response. JBL’s 2432H is the only neodymium 3" voice coil compression driver in this class, delivering very high power levels and smooth, crystal clear sound.


Each model is powered by Crown proprietary front-end DriveCore technology featuring a massive 2000W Power Rating, the highest power rating in this class of loudspeakers. With a remarkable 103dB signal-to-noise ratio, the SRX800 Series is capable of massive sound pressure levels with exceptional headroom, very low distortion and absolute clarity throughout its frequency range.


With full HiQnet Network Integration, configuring an SRX800 system is dramatically simplified, saving time while fully automating the control interface configuration. Simple wired control is provided via Ethercon connector and third party wireless router capability is included. Control options include Audio Architect, HiQnet Motion Control™ iOS app, and standalone applications for iOS and Android.


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Data Sheets
SRX818SP Data Sheet
updated: 4月29日
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SRX818SP Spec Sheet
updated: 4月29日
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SRX Connect Presets HelpGuide
updated: 10月22日
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SRX Connect NormalView HelpGuide
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SRX800 Series Declaration of Conformity
updated: 10月22日
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Software Support
updated: 4月29日
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SRX Connect
updated: 10月09日
HiQnet Audio Architect
updated: 11月10日
SRX Connect
updated: 10月09日
User Guides
SRX818SP/828SP QuickStart Guide
updated: 4月29日
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SRX800 User Guide
updated: 4月29日
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SRX800 Driver
updated: 4月29日
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SRX800 Handle
updated: 4月29日
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SRX818SP Back
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SRX818SP Angle No-Grill
updated: 4月29日
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SRX818SP Angle
updated: 4月29日
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SRX818SP Front
updated: 4月29日
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System Type Self powered 18”, subwoofer system
Maximum SPL (1m) 135 dB
Frequency Response (-10dB) 29 Hz - 150 Hz
Frequency Response (-3 dB) 35 Hz - 120 Hz
Amplifier Design Class D
额定功率 1000 W Peak
尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 683mm x 684mm x 575mm (26.89in x 26.92in x 22.62in)
Net Weight (each) 39.5 kg (87 lb)
EQ 20 parametric EQ's, speaker delay, and 50 available slots for presets
输入通道 Neutrik ¼ - XLR input; Neutrik XLR Output
输出 2 x XLR
Enclosure 18 mm Duraflex coated plywood
低频驱动单元 1 x 18 in Differential Drive®
System Processing DSP based, resident in Input Module


SRX818SP-CVR-DLX | Deluxe padded cover for SRX818SP
SRX818SP-CVR-DLX Main photo

Deluxe padded cover for SRX818SP, water resistant black nylon exterior, 2.5mm polyethylene grille protector, covered handle access with Velcro closure, with embroidered JBL logo

SRX818SP-CVR-DLX-WK4 | Deluxe padded cover for SRX818SP w/ Casters
SRX818SP-CVR-DLX-WK4 Main photo

Deluxe padded cover for SRX818SP, water resistant black nylon exterior, 2.5mm polyethylene grille protector, covered handle access with Velcro closure, with embroidered JBL logo. Designed to accommodate WK-4S rear-mounted caster kit (sold separately)