Master Reference Monitor


M2 Master Reference Monitor

Addressing the growing need for high dynamic range and reference-monitor accuracy in a broad range of studios, JBL has developed the M2 Master Reference Monitor: A Free-Standing, 2-Way System that can be placed in any environment to provide an exceptionally accurate monitoring experience. Leveraging a new generation of JBL high-output, ultra-low distortion transducers, the M2 provides in-room frequency response of 20 Hz to 40 kHz, and an extraordinary 123 dB maximum SPL to meet the demanding music, cinema and broadcast production requirements for impactful dynamic range.



  • The Ultimate High Frequency Driver for Critical Reference Monitoring Extended HF Reproduction Smooth Response High Power Handling Measurably Lower Distortion Reduced Power Compression Increased
    Dynamic Headroom
  • Exceptional Low Frequency Extension, High Output, Very Low Power Compression, Very Low Distortion
  • Impressive Imaging and Sound Stage, Exceptional High Frequency Detail, Uniform Directivity for Smooth In-Room Response, Patent Pending Design
  • LSR Linear Spatial Reference Design
  • Small Footprint, Extended Bass Performance, Patented Low Frequency Port Design



The Ultimate High Frequency Driver for Critical Reference Monitoring, Extended HF Reproduction, Smooth Response, High Power Handling Measurably Lower Distortion, Reduced Power Compression, Increased Dynamic Headroom


Enhanced Performance and Exceptional Low Frequency Extension, High Output, Very Low Power Compression, Very Low Distortion

Achieving extended, rich low frequency performance within the M2 system design parameters required additional JBL engineering innovations, and the 2216Nd in the M2 is no “off-the-shelf” woofer. It employs no less than five patented technologies to allow bass extension to the limits of the audible range, and high output, free of power compression that is detrimental to a system’s low frequency performance. Echoing the “dual driver” design of the D2, the 2216Nd utilizes dual neodymium magnets and two voice coils. To ensure the ultimate performance, even the use of special wire in the 2216 voice coils is a JBL patented application.


Impressive Imaging and Sound Stage, Exceptional High Frequency Detail, Uniform Directivity for Smooth In-Room Response

To support an imperceptible transition between the two drivers, and deliver exceptional imaging, JBL engineers pioneered a new patent-pending waveguide design that enables neutral frequency response, not just on-axis, but off-axis in the vertical and horizontal planes, all the way down to the M2’s 800 Hz crossover point.



We all know that many loudspeakers have similar measurements but sound different. By going beyond simple on-axis frequency response measurements, JBL defines the ultimate performance specification for new systems – what it will sound like in your room. At the mix position, you hear a combination of direct sound and sound reflected from the rooms surfaces. For sound arriving at the mix position to be smooth and neutral, it is not enough for a speaker to measure “flat” on-axis; it is essential the speaker have excellent off-axis performance.


Small Footprint, Extended Bass Performance, Patented Low Frequency Port Design

Extended low frequency performance and high SPL can be the formula for unwanted resonance. The M2 enclosure is constructed of rigid 1" MDF and with the aid of JBL’s interferometer, extensively braced for rock-solid stability at the system’s full rated power. The enclosure incorporates a JBL patented Slipstream port design with internal flares that ensure low frequency efficiency while eliminating noise caused by port turbulence. Architecturally elegant, the M2 enclosure occupies a relatively small footprint, and can be transported to various working environments.

System Integration

System Integration

While offering exceptional accuracy “out of the box,” the power of the M2 is fully realized with its intelligent in-room tuning and integration capabilities, ensuring optimum performance in your listening environment.



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M2 Set Up Instructions
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M2 Brochure
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LSR Series M2 Declaration of Conformity
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HiQnet Audio Architect
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Speaker Tunings
7 Series and M2 Crown DCi Tuning
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M2 Crown iTech5000HD Tuning Files
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M2 System File BSS Soundweb London BLU800 Tunings
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M2 Base V2 Config iTech 4X3500HD Device File
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Ease Data
Ease SPK/DLL Files - Full JBL Pro Line
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Owner's Manuals
M2 Owner's Manual
version A, updated: 1月15日
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Port Detail
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D2 Compression Driver
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M2 pair
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Differential Drive Callouts
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Differential Drive Woofer
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Image Control Waveguide
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System Format 2-Way Floor Standing or Soffit Mountable
HF 驱动程序 D2430K Dual Diaphragm Dual Voice Coil Compression Driver
低频驱动单元 2216Nd 15 in (381 mm) Differential Drive® Woofer
分频频率 800 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 20 Hz - 40 kHz
覆盖角度 120° H x 100° V


92 dB
Continuous/Peak SPL@ 1m 117 dB /123 dB; 108 dB Peak SPL @ 8m
The System Requires One Crown® iTech 5000HD power amp for each speaker, or One Crown® iTech 3x3500HD power amp for two (2) speakers.
Amplifier Power Rating 1,200 Watts into 8 ohms
输入连接器 Spring Terminals
Enclosure 25 mm (1 in) MDF
外观颜色 Satin Black Lacquer
Included Removable ABS Grille with Black UL Compliant Fabric
尺寸(W × H × D) 508mm x 1256mm x 355.6mm (20in x 49.5in x 14in)
Net Weight (each) 58.5 kg (129 lb)
Maximum Peak SPL 123 dB
Maximum Continuous SPL 117 dB