2 x 18" High Power Passive Subwoofer System


The CV5028S subwoofer boasts highly dynamic, fast transient response with less low frequency descension. Outdoor extended low frequency performance is reinforced with legendary JBL subwoofer tuning, high-quality, low frequency response can be achieved. The CV5028S is a compact and powerful waterproof subwoofer with JBL Black DuraFlexTM finish. The 18" low frequency woofer is equipped with two high power 460 mm driver for optimal low-frequency performance. It can maintain linear even output at high volume level. Its inner structure design allows suspension.

Some of the advanced low frequency technologies are used for the CV5028S. Its unique and innovative design enhances mutual coupling of two drivers. In addition, enhanced coupling between the drivers accelerates transient response while optimizing energy efficiency entirely. The system equipped with two high-power (460 mm) drivers for optimal low-frequency performance that reduces distortion and have extremely symmetrical and flat inductance curves. The solid copper 100 mm (4") voice coil is wound in two different layers, supported by inner and outer coils, to integrate double exposure which is good for air cooling. Hence it allows increasing long-term heat resistance. Each cone is made of very hard fiberglass reinforced paper empowering invincible waterproof performance.

The subwoofer cabinet features 18 mm birch plywood to ensure solid sound. Recessed handles are included for easy carrying. Two Neutrik® speakONTM NL4 waterproof connectors are provided for input and loop-through connections. The CV5028S employs an innovative subwoofer design with unprecedented "powerful" low frequency performance. Stateof-art technology is integrated into CV5028S to ensure driver performance and accurate acoustic transient response to ensure unprecedented low frequency reproduction quality and less descending low frequency response, as well as extremely fast and accurate bass response.


Rigging System
The top of the speaker cabinet includes M10 hoisting points, which can be used by hoisting accessories, and a removable non-slip plastic pad is installed at the bottom.

The CV5028S includes waterproof connections to support complex indoor and outdoor installation environments, eliminating concern about electronic component damage, due to moisture and rain.

System Solution
The CV5028S combines a high-quality low-frequency loudspeaker system for indoor and outdoor environments. Therefore, the low frequency is greatly extended for the CV5000 Series products, and a low frequency limit of the loudspeaker system is supplemented.

The CV5028S is an ideal choice for a performance system with additional peak output, making it ideal for concert touring and music applications, requiring higher-level, low frequency response, which is achieved by using unique JBL speaker technology and two independent voice coils.


High performance
The CV5028S is designed with an IP55 waterproof rating to be consistently durable and reliable. It features 18 mm birch plywood to ensure optimal sound output. 2 x 18-inch low frequency drivers combine high power, high dynamic, wide frequency response, high energy, and good technologies. JBL Black DuraFlexTM finish is included for a sleek appearance that cannot be scraped easily.

Flexible installation
The back tilt design of the connection panel allows speaker against wall installation, and also prevents water from accumulating in the panel.

Imported brand
The CV5028S inherits the strict and demanding production standards of JBL.


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系统类型 2 x 18" Subwoofer Systems
Frequency Range (-10 dB)¹ 34 Hz - 200 Hz
Frequency Range (±3 dB)¹ 46 Hz - 200 Hz
Rated Input Power³ 1800W/3600W/7200W (Continuous/Music/Peak)
额定阻抗 4 ohms/8 ohms
Sensitivity (1w@1m)¹ 102 dB
Maximum SPL¹ 135 dB continuous average (141 dB peak)
低频驱动单元 2 x JBL 2242H 460 mm (18 inch) drivers, with 100 mm (4 inch) voice coils
Box Structure 18 mm birch plywood, fitted with a handle, and Black DuraFlexTM finish for the appearance color
IP Rating⁴ IP55 (IEC 60529)
网罩 1.8 mm perforated iron mesh, attached with a waterproof grill inside
Input Connector Selectable parallel NL4 Neutrik Speakon® in discrete mode and parallel mode
Pin Assignments Low Frequency: 1+, 1-
尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 627 mm x 988 mm x 851 mm
净重量 88.6 kg
Footnotes 1: Measured in a half space (2π) condition.
2: The maximum sound pressure level is calculated according to the rated power.
3: According to IEC standard, tested for 2 hours under pink noises with a crest factor of 6 dB.
4: The front is tilted down by 0 degree or more, to allow the cabinet to drain water. Suspension components are weatherproof, for use in indoor or outdoor conditions where humidity is nominally under 50%, and not local to bodies of corrosive materials. Unused speakON connectors must be sealed using silicone to protect against water and moisture. Please keep the bottom of the speaker at 0° with the ground horizontally.

JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Some materials, production methods, and design refinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine expression of that philosophy. For this reason, any current JBL product may differ in some respect from its published description but will always equal or exceed the original design specifications unless otherwise stated.


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2 x 18" High Power Passive Subwoofer System