High Output/High Impact Cinema Surround Loudspeaker w/Configurable Pattern


Configurable Pattern, Unique 3-Way 15" Design

The 9350 packs a sonic punch, and delivers extraordinary coverage through its advanced engineering, including three patent-pending technologies. Each loudspeaker generates a sculpted side or rear pattern, adjusted with the flick of a switch. With a passive crossover network, waveguide technologies, and line array techniques, coverage can be adjusted to fit a theatre's unique environment. The 9350 further enhances coverage by configurable vertical and horizontal coverage angles based on whether the surround is located on the rear or side wall location.

The result? Premium performance and left/right balance overall, an accomplishment unheard of in cinema. It means the sonic sweet spot just got a whole lot bigger, and that sculpted, impactful sound now comes from all sides. Ultimately, the audience becomes immersed in an audio experience like none other. Rely on the 9350, the ideal complement to front screen loudspeakers, for superior sonic character and dynamics - everywhere.



350 Watt Power handling capability

Dual Dissimilar Arraying

  • Creates line array pattern control with just two horns
  • Simple switch engages a sculpted side or rear coverage pattern
  • Extends HF output power and pattern control a full octave in both spectrum extremes

Acoustic Divider Waveguide

  • Greatly improves midrange performance of the Differential Drive® 15" woofer
  • Smooth crossover transition created by very tight driver spacing and control of break up mode energy

Bi-pole Wall Decoupling

  • Acoustic Divider waveguide creates a low frequency acoustic Bi-pole
  • Reduces wall reflection notching typical of surrounds by shaping rear hemisphere energy


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9350 Spec Sheet
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CAD Drawings
9350 Customer Drawing (PDF)
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9350 2-D CAD
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9300 Series Declaration of Conformity
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Cinema Sound 9400 Series - EU Declaration of Conformity
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Speaker Tunings
9350 Rear Wall DSi Preset
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9350 Side and Rear DCi Speaker Tuning
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9350 Side Wall DSi Preset
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SR9350 Balanced Surround Coverage White Paper
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SR9350 Dual Dissimilar Radiators White Paper
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SR9350 Floating Waveguide Technology WhitePaper
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SR9350-Multiple Path Decoupling-WhitePaper
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Information Documents
Samsung Harman Presentation
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9350 Up Angle 2 Hi-Res Image
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9350 Up Angle 1 Hi-Res Image
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9350 Front with Grille Hi-Res Image
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9350 Front no-Grille Hi-Res Image
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9350 Right with Grille Hi-Res Image
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9350 Right no-Grille Hi-Res Image
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9350 Right Back Hi-Res Image
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9350 Top Hi-Res Image
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Ease Data
9350 EASE GLL File
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Frequency Range (±3 dB) 40 Hz - 18kHz
Frequency Response (-10dB) 34 Hz - 20kHz
Power Handling (2Hr AES Rating) 350W
Maximum SPL (1m) 130dB continuous, 133dB peak
Horizontal Coverage Angle (-6dB) 70° / 120° (Rear/Side)
Vertical Coverage Angle (-6dB) 50° / 30°(Rear/Side)
Configurable Coverage Patterns SIDE/REAR
标称阻抗 8Ω


102dB 1W/1m
分频频率 2,200Hz
Low Frequency Transducer 265H-1
High Frequency Transducer 1 x HF 2408H & 1 x 2414H
265H-1 Dimensions Nominal Diameter 15" (38.1 cm)
2408 Dimensions Nominal Diameter 1.5" (3.8 cm)
2424 Dimensions Nominal Diameter 1" (2.5 cm)
Downward Firing Angle 10° for enclosure face
音箱材料 Plywood
Grille Color Black
输入连接器 Barrier Strip
尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 30.3" x 25.5" x 16.5" (769.6mm x 647.7mm x 419.1mm)
Net Weight (each) 64 lbs (29.03 kg)
Bracket 2520


2520 Bracket | Quick Mount Surround Bracket
2520 Bracket Main photo

Quick Mount Surround Bracket

The 2520 Quick Mount Surround Bracket is a new loudspeaker accessory which should be used for wall mounting applications when installing 9300 Series Surrounds. Specific models include: 9300, 9310, 9320, and 9350. The 2520 bracket is not recommended for ceiling mount applications

  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Low Cost
  • Can be used with the new 9300 Series Surrounds




High Output/High Impact Cinema Surround Loudspeaker w/Configurable Pattern