The introduction of VPX700 Series once again shows JBL Professional’s endeavor to bring pristine sound, performance and utility to its users and audience. The new family offers five models: VPX712M (12” Two-way Utility Stage Monitor), VPX715 (15” High-Power Two-way Speaker), VPX725 (Dual 15” High-Power Two-way Speaker), VPX718S (18” High-Power Subwoofer), VPX728S (Dual 18” High-Power Subwoofer), to meet harsh requirements in demanding live or pre-recorded applications.

VPX700 Series uses custom JBL transducers to develop an acoustic system with higher power handling, lower distortion and reduced power compression. An aluminum demodulating ring is employed for prolonged reliability even after long working hours. The two-way models are capable of shaping a 70° × 60° (H × V) coverage pattern and producing even and smooth response no matter on or off axis. The two subwoofer models use a front vented enclosure for reinforced bass output but reduced installation footprint.

Each model of VPX700 is a combination of compact size, light weight, installation flexibility and extended durability. Premium plywood is selected to construct the cabinet, and the transducers are positioned after meticulous calculations, so that sound quality won’t be comprised when its dimensions are downsized. Each speaker provides multiple suspension points and/or a 35mm socket and is suitable for either flying installation, pole-mounting or mere stacking. Among all the models, VPX712M designs its enclosure in wedge shape for versatile use as a stage monitor or satellite speaker. Finished in rugged DuraFlexTM coating and protected by a dent-resistant 16-gauge grille, VPX700 Series targets to bring its users expected performance even after frequent transits and extensive use.

VPX700 SERIES Products

  • VPX712M


    12” Two-way Utility Stage Monitor
  • VPX715


    15” High-Power Two-way Speaker
  • VPX725


    Dual 15” High-Power Two-way Speaker
  • VPX718S


    18” High-Power Subwoofer
  • VPX728S


    Dual 18” High-Power Subwoofer