KPS Series

KPS Series is a new breed of JBL Entertainment speakers designed to respond the call for design, performance and reliability from high-street KTV lounges and nightclubs. Three 2-way models are provided for sound amplification in spaces of different sizes: KPS1 (10” Full-Range Loudspeaker System), KPS2 (12” Full-Range Loudspeaker System), and KPS5 (15” Full-Range Loudspeaker System).

For each KPS model, JBL 2414H NdFeB magnet high frequency compression driver collaborates with a custom-designed woofer for reproduction of powerful music and pristine vocal in high fidelity and volume. A high-order passive network eliminates band overlap and ensures seamless transition between the high frequency driver and the woofer. No matter installed in a small or large space, even coverage and immersive sound are guaranteed by two horn options (100° × 70° (H × V) by KPS1, 70° × 100° (H × V) by KPS2 and KPS5) and two position modes (landscape or portrait). Each KPS speaker selects premium quality 15 mm board for its trapezoid enclosure and designs the internal structure and transducer layout through rounds of simulations and tests, which lead to improved frequency response of the system.

All the three models are engineered for flexible use and high reliability. Multiple high-strength suspension points and an OmniMount socket are available for either flying installation or pole mounting. To protect the system from human damage and drink splash, dent-free steel backed with acoustically transparent cloth is used for the front grille. Convex edges slanting through the front enhance aesthetic appeal of the piece and make it easier to blend with any room décors. As signature of new generation JBL Entertainment speakers, the JBL logo powered by PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) technology stays constantly on when audio signal is present and is adjustable to fit different installation orientations. JBL's exclusive SonicGuard™ overload protection allows higher operational levels and ensures reliability even after excessive working hours.

Like all JBL Entertainment speakers, KPS Series is here to entertain both karaoke singers and KTV operators and owners, bringing joyful singing experience to the former through exceptional sound quality and high ROI to the latter through modern design and performance reliability.

KPS Series Products

  • KPS1


    10” Two-Way Full Range Speaker System
  • KPS2


    12" 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker System
  • KPS5


    15" 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker System