Control 10 Series Blind-Mount Small Format Ceiling

Control 10 Series in-ceiling loudspeakers meet the increased market demand for superior sound quality, installation-friendly features and value, delivering a level of sonic performance unmatched by comparably priced products. The Control 12C/T, Control 14C/T, Control 16C/T and Control 18C/T are ideal for applications where excellent sound quality is needed for medium-volume music playback and paging, such as in music cafes, retail stores, airports, reception / waiting rooms, lounges, courtrooms, convention centers, hotels, educational facilities and more. 

Control 10 Series models feature wide bandwidth, wide coverage, and combined 70V/100V and 8-ohm operation in each speaker. Available in either white or black.

  • Control 12C/T

    Compact Ceiling Loudspeaker
  • Control 14C/T

    Two-Way 4" Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeaker
  • Control 16C/T

    Two-Way 6.5" Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeaker
  • Control 18C/T

    Two-Way 8-Inch Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeaker
  • Control 12C-VA

    3" Compact Ceiling Loudspeakerfor EN54-24 Application
  • Control 14C-VA

    Two-Way 4" Co-axial CeilingLoudspeaker for EN54-24 Applications
  • Control 16C-VA

    Two-Way 6.5" Co-axial CeilingLoudspeaker for EN54-24 Applications