Cone Transducers

To increase power handling in low frequency transducers while reducing power compression, JBL engineers have created a unique, direct voice-coil-to-air heat dissipation method called Vented Gap Cooling (VGC™). This process pumps air through the magnetic gap and directly over and around the voice coil to provide immediate heat transfer and reduction in operating temperature - a direct improvement in power compression.

Through the use of new computer-aided magnet optimization and analysis techniques, JBL engineers were able to optimize both magnet weight, flux density and field saturation resulting in significant reductions in overall driver weight and harmonic distortion. These new magnet structures offer much of the weight advantage of rare earth magnet structures without the prohibitive cost.

Cone Transducers Products

  • 2206H


    300mm (12 in) LF Transducer
  • 2226H/J


    380mm (15 in) LF Transducer
  • 2241H


    460mm (18 in) LF Transducer

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