Crown CDi 4|300

Analog input, 4 channel, 300W per output channel

CDi 4|300
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The CDi DriveCore Series is an evolution in amplification, providing an impressive mix of high-performance; rich feature set, and competitive cost.  Using technology derived from our flagship Installed Sound amplifier (Crown DriveCore Install series), the CDi DriveCore 4|300 offers streamlined functionality to work in almost any small/medium sized installation such as restaurants, retail stores, and more.  Designed for ease-of-use in a variety of applications, the 4|300 is a 4-channel amp that includes network control/monitoring, high-level DSP, front-panel interface, and support for driving up to 100Vrms speaker loads without requiring a transformer.  The entire CDi DriveCore line comes pre-loaded with JBL speaker tunings to help make installations quicker and easier.

Feature Comparison

CDi DriveCore Model Channels Network Control DSP Control Port BLU link
2|300 2  
2|300BL 2
4|300 4  
4|300BL 4
2|600 2  
2|600BL 2
4|600 4  
4|600BL 4
2|1200 2  
2|1200BL 2
4|1200 4  
4|1200BL 4


Output Power: Dual Mode - All Channels Driven

CDi DriveCore Model Channels 16Ω 70Vrms 100Vrms
2|300 / 2|300BL 2 150W 300W 300W 150W 300W 300W
4|300 / 4|300BL 4 150W 300W 300W 150W 300W 300W
2|600 / 2|600BL 2 300W 600W 600W 300W 600W 600W
4|600 / 4|600BL 4 300W 600W 600W 300W 600W 600W
2|1200 / 2|1200BL 2 850W 1200W 1200W 600W 1200W 1200W
4|1200 / 4|1200BL 4 850W 1200W 1200W 600W 1200W  1200W

Minimum Guaranteed Power (1kHz, all channels driven, max distortion 0.5%, duration 0.5 seconds, 120 - 240Vrms - 50/60Hz)


Output Power: Bridge Mono Mode - All Channels Driven

CDi DriveCore Model 16Ω 140Vrms 200Vrms
2|300 / 2|300BL 300W 600W 600W 600W 600W
4|300 / 4|300BL 300W 600W 600W 600W 600W
2|600 / 2|600BL 600W 1200W 1200W 1200W 1200W
4|600 / 4|600BL 600W 1200W 1200W 1200W 1200W
2|1200 / 2|1200BL 1200W 2400W 2400W 2400W 2400W
4|1200 / 4|1200BL 1200W 2400W 2400W 2400W 2400W

Minimum Guaranteed Power (1kHz, all channels driven, max distortion 0.5%, duration 0.5 seconds, 120 - 240Vrms - 50/60Hz)


DriveCore Technology – Crown’s proprietary DriveCore technology eliminates hundreds of components within each amplifier, reducing the variability of component values, increasing reliability, resulting in incredible audio fidelity from an efficient design.

Network Control and Monitoring – Through Harman’s HiQnet Audio Architect software, the CDi DriveCore can be controlled, configured, and monitored through standard TCP/IQ network.

DSP – On-board Digital Signal Processor in each amplifier allows for custom configuration

  • Input Router
  • Input Delay – Up to 1000ms
  • Input Parametric EQ – 8 band
  • Crossover
  • Output Parametric EQ – 8 band
  • Output Delay – Up to 100ms
  • LevelMAX™ Limiter

BLU link (BL models only) – Both receive and send channels over HARMAN’s 256 channel, fault-tolerant audio BUS, BLU link

Direct Drive 70/100Vrms Output – Each output channel is capable of provide either 70V or 100V for high impedance applications.

Front-Panel Interface – Completely configure the amplifier using an intuitive front-panel interface.

GPIO/AUX Port – Recall presets, mute channels, monitor faults, power on/off the amplifier, and more through a combined GPIO/AUX Port.   


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Owner's Manuals
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Comparison Charts
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Caractéristiques techniques

BLU link No
Channels 4
Sensitivity (for full rated power at 8 ohms) 0.7V RMS
Rated Power Output (per channel @ 4 ohms) 300W
Analog Input Signal to Noise Ratio (ref. rated power, 100V, 20Hz - 20kHz) at 8 ohms) > 104dB
THD (full rated power, 20 Hz - 20 kHz) 0.35%
Damping Factor (20 Hz to 100 Hz) > 1000
Frequency Response (8Ω, 20 Hz - 20 kHz) +/-0.5dB
Crosstalk (below rated power) 20 Hz to 1 kHz > 80dB
Input Impedance (nominally balanced, nominally unbalanced) 20 kΩ balanced, 10 kΩ unblanced
Dimensions (inches) (W x H x D) (depth not including 1.3 inch front panel protrusion) 19 x 3.5 x 12.25
Weight 16.13 lbs (7.31 kg)
Power Supply Connector "Standard IEC type 320 inlet for detachable connector 100 – 240V~"