Sky High Creates World-Class Clubbing Environment with HARMAN Professional’s Audio and Lighting Solutions

mars 31, 2021

PUNE, India—To enhance its venue and provide guests an unforgettable clubbing experience, Sky High – The Club hired integrators Smart Homes to design and install cutting-edge HARMAN Professional audio and lighting solutions.

Known as the best rooftop venue in Kharadi, Sky High – The Club spans more than 5,000 square feet and offers guests a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience. The impressive facility features an indoor clubbing space with a DJ booth and dance floor as well as an outdoor terrace with a patio and bar. Looking to take the impressive venue to the next level and offer an even greater partying experience, Sky High – The Club upgraded its sound and lighting systems to top-notch HARMAN Professional audio and lighting solutions that feature JBL Professional loudspeakers, Martin Professional lighting and much more.

"For the club’s sound, we were looking for control,” said Shaukat Ali of Sky High – The Club. “Since the venue is located in an IT hub and surrounded by a residential neighborhood, we need to control the levels that we are sending to our audience and outside our facility. It’s very important that we do not annoy our nearby residents.”  

Filling the bar’s indoor club environment with crystal-clear sound, Smart Homes installed JBL AM7212/26 12” high power two-way loudspeakers as the main PA, while AM7212/95 speakers supply delay fills. Adding accurate, authoritative bass, the system features two ASB6128 dual 18” high powered subwoofers, which are positioned under the DJ booth and directed towards the dance floor for optimum performance. For the DJ monitor, Smart Homes deployed a PRX812 full-range loudspeaker. The system is powered by Crown XTi 6002 and DCi 4|1250N amplifiers, while BSS BLU-100 signal processors with BLU Link ensure guests are treated to peak audio quality.

Creating an engaging, fun atmosphere in the outdoor terrace area, Sky High – The Club features 10 JBL AWC62 all-weather, compact two-way loudspeakers. In addition to delivering excellent sound, the speakers allow Sky High – The Club to direct the audio inside the venue and limit unwanted noise from spilling to the surrounding industrial and residential communities. Smart Homes selected Crown DCi 8|600N eight-channel amplifiers with BLU link to power the outdoor system.

While JBL Professional loudspeakers supply incredible sound, Smart Homes installed an array of Martin Professional fixtures to create dazzling lighting displays throughout the venue. Eight Martin THRILL Mini Profile moving heads allow the club to shine spotlights or add the dramatic effect of colors and “gobos” when and where they need them, while eight THRILL Compact Par 64 LED lights wash the venue with full, intense and saturated colors. The lighting system also includes four THRILL Multi-FX LED lights as well as a JEM Compact Hazer Pro and DMX 5.3 Splitter.

“We chose JBL Professional’s AE and All Weather speakers because of their ability to deliver high quality sound with directivity from its design and full-range cardioid techniques,” Ali said. "Smart Homes was very instrumental from the very beginning in terms of the output and very confident with the design. The entire process was very smooth and they made sure everything was setup on time."

"This is a very special project as it gave us an opportunity to showcase our strength in all aspects of sound and lighting,” said Pratik Singhal of Smart Homes. “We could design the outdoor sound, club sound and also use Martin lighting to create excellent effects. The client was very happy with the final outcome, and so were we."

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