Samsung and HARMAN Professional Solutions Synergy Delivers the Ultimate Cinema Experience at Lotte Cinema World Tower

mai 25, 2018

SEOUL, South Korea—HARMAN Professional Solutions today announced that Samsung and HARMAN have partnered to deliver a groundbreaking cinema experience at Lotte Cinema World Tower, installing the Samsung Onxy Cinema LED Screen and JBL Sculpted Surround™ audio system

The first DCI-compliant cinema LED screen and stretching nearly 34 feet wide, the Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen was installed in Lotte’s SUPER S theater, delivering stunning HDR picture quality, true black colors, infinite contrast, and ultra-sharp 4K resolution, with peak brightness levels nearly 10 times greater than projector-based alternatives.  The Onyx screen features a state-of-the-art JBL Sculpted Surround sound system, which delivers immersive, high-impact sound and consistent wall-to-wall coverage.

This integration enhances the listener experience while expanding the audio “sweet spot” within the theater, ensuring that all attendees can enjoy the same exceptional audio presentation regardless of seat location. Audio integrator Kinoton Korea assisted Samsung and HARMAN Professional Solutions at the Lotte Cinema World Tower installation, providing valuable expertise in deploying and configuring the JBL audio system.

“The Samsung Onyx Cinema LED display in Lotte Cinema Super S sets a new standard for the cinema industry in terms of accurate color reproduction and dynamic picture quality,” said Chris Bae, CEO, Kinoton Korea. “Traditional projections screens are acoustically transparent, allowing the front speakers to be located directly behind the screen. JBL specially tuned the custom Sculpted Surround system speakers to produce a phantom center image that appears to originate from behind the screen, despite the speakers being suspended overhead. The combination of Samsung and HARMAN solutions produces an unparalleled cinematic experience for every seat in the theater.”

Perfectly integrated with an innovative all-HARMAN audio solution that incorporates the best of Crown amplifiers, BSS signal processing, and JBL Professional’s exclusive Sculpted Surround technology, the Onyx Sound reproduces today’s dynamic soundtracks with stunning clarity and detail. The sound system at Lotte Cinema World Tower is comprised of an array of JBL cinema speakers suspended around and above the Samsung Onyx screen, including three JBL 3733 screen array loudspeakers, 12 JBL 9300 cinema surround loudspeakers, two JBL 9350 high impact cinema surround loudspeakers, and four JBL 5628 dual 18" cinema subwoofers. Processing is provided by a BSS networked audio system, and the entire system is powered by four Crown DCi 4|1250 amplifiers.

“HARMAN Professional cinema audio solutions are renowned for their exceptional performance in movie theaters worldwide, and although we have been involved in this space for a long time, the SUPER S theater stands out for several reasons,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM of HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “Not only is it a perfect example of how we complement Samsung’s cutting-edge video technology, it showcases HARMAN’s ability to provide a world-class audio experience for a totally new type of screen and cinema environment. We want to thank Kinoton Korea for their expertise and excellent customer service during the installation, ensuring an unparalleled audiovisual experience for audiences. This is just the beginning of many exciting opportunities as we enter into the next generation of theater design.”

Since the Lotte World Cinema Tower installation, the project was honored with the prestigious Special Achievement Award from CineAsia. Samsung and HARMAN have also installed Onyx Screens and JBL Sculpted Surround systems at Major Cineplex Siam Paragon in Thailand, Wanda Cinemas Wujiaochang Theater in Shanghai, China, Lotte Cinema Centum City in Busan, South Korea, Arena Cinemas Sihlcity Theater in Zurich, Switzerland, and Pacific Theatres Winnetka in Los Angeles, California.

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