Complete System Integration and Support

With the VTX Series you are not just using a product, you are gaining access to an expert system. Tools for system design and all the components to analyze, configure, set up and control a VTX system are all part of the JBL commitment to total system integration and support. The goal is maximum efficiency and the highest possible level of performance in any venue, anywhere in the world.

Crown® Audio VRack

VRack is a rugged touring rack fitted with three Crown ITech HD Series power amplifiers, power input panel, custom-engineered input / output panels that is available in two configurations: VRack 12000 and VRack 4 x 3500 are loaded with three IT 12000HD and three IT 4 x 3500HD, respectively.

Apart from the performance advantage of a standard package ensuring that VTX Series enclosures are optimally powered and processed, VRack ensures compatibility for cross rental between VTX Network Partners. Since VRack is supplied with all components installed and internally connected, there is also no need for laborious rack building; no chance that a component might be improperly connected; and a dramatically lower chance of connection failure.

Crown Audio I-Tech DriveCore™ Series

The I-Tech DriveCore series of amplifiers represents decades of work developing and refining amplifier technology that pushes the limits of sound reinforcement. It started in 1967 with the world's first solid state, high-powered amplifier with unsurpassed reliability and it continues today with the first tour sound amplifier offering four inputs routable to any output (analog, AES3, VDrive, or CobraNet), the new I-Tech 4 x 3500HD.

Boasting eight patents – three on the power supply alone – and the amplifier industry's first integrated TFT LCD full-color touchscreen, the I-Tech HD DriveCore series offers a switching power supply with PFC and Crown's patented Class I output stage resulting in greater fidelity at high and low power levels, more efficiency with less waste heat, and unparalleled reliability.

VRack 12000, VRack 4 x 3500 Configurations

VRack is best thought of not as just an amp rack, but as a building block for your system. Every time you add one VRack 12000, you are adding a building block that powers the recommended 3:2 ratio of V25 to VTX subs while VRack 4 x 3500 provides a building block for powering six VTX V25.

JBL Line Array Calculator

JBL Line Array Calculator acoustic modeling software accurately predicts loudspeaker system performance in the user-defined venue, allowing you to determine the appropriate number of cabinets, required angles and installation parameters along with circuit level gain shading and frequency tapering using the JBL Line Array Control Panel equalization interface.

JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™ Software

Designed specifically for touring and theatrical sound engineering, JBL HiQnet Performance Manager is an application-specific iteration of HiQnet System ArchitectTM - the connectivity and control application for professional-grade audio system integration.

The patented workflow paradigm of the Performance Manager interface guides the system designer through the complete system design, configuration and control process and, in many ways, the entire process feels and acts like a simple step-by-step wizard.

The Performance Manager workflow starts with array templates. For each array in a template, JBL Line Array Calculator can be run, adding passive or powered speaker models directly to the workspace. Based on a few configuration parameters, the correct quantity of amplifier racks is then added. Amplifier channels are associated directly with the bandpass inputs overlaid on the array representations – all amplifier control can therefore be carried out from the arrays. Networking has been reduced to a simple drag and drop. All test, tuning and calibration control interfaces are embedded – no need to spend time designing control panels. Finally, the dedicated show mode provides all the monitoring and control you need to run the show.