SVSI N24xx Series Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.5.75

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: SVSI N24xx Series Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.5.104. ×

Last Updated: 5月28日

Product Name: N-Series N24xx Video Encoder/Decoder
FG #: FGN2412A-SA (NMX-ENC-2412A)
FGN2412A-CD (NMX-ENC-2412A-C)
FGN2422A-SA (NMX-DEC-2422A)
FGN2424A-SA (NMX-DEC-2424A

Version: v1.5.75
Release Date: 05/19/2021

1. Prerequisites

- None

2. Revision History
Version 05/19/2021 (v1.5.75)
- Fix black screen issue with blu-ray players
- Fix playlist issue when loading to N2412A encoder from N-Cmd

Version 05/18/2021 (v1.5.74)
- Fix issue with 720P, 1080P, 2160P hostplay images from n-cmd
Note, larger images take longer to load

Version 12/11/2020 (v1.5.73)
- Added 3440x1440@50/60 and 3840x1080@60/100 to N2422A and N2424A Decoder scaler settinga

Version 11/10/2020 (v1.5.70)
- Improves dropped packets reported on Decoder, with previous 1.5.x firmware releases
- Added Website HDR mode - disabled by default
- If HDR mode enabled, must also ensure proper HDR edid is set, and source can send HDR

Version 08/14/2020 (v1.5.60)
?Add new command to allow HDCP input source change
New command "setSettings:VIDIN_HDCP:" - options enable/disable
example to enable HDCP "setSettings:VIDIN_HDCP:enable"
example to disable HDCP "setSettings:VIDIN_HDCP:disable"
After command sent, a hotplug event will occur, if still needed, hotplug source

Version 05/20/2020 (v1.5.59)
?Add new command to create dhcp timing extended
New command "setSettings:dhcpAgain:300", after
300 seconds after the unit assigns itself an auto IP, the DHCP process
would start again. User can modify the 300 to value they need.
lower limit is 60 seconds, to allow linkLocal to work properly
To disable the setting, "setSettings:dhcpAgain:0"

Version 01/22/2020 (v1.5.52)
?When "Audio Source" is set to "Auto" and the "Input audio for HostPlay"
is enabled on the webpage of the encoder and no video source is
connected, changed the actual audio source from none to analog audio.

Version 01/07/2020 (v1.5.51)
?Fixed DHCP not working with 802.1x authentication enabled

Version 12/12/2019 (v1.5.50)
?Fix getStatus command not receiveing AES67 information

Version 10/29/2019 (v1.5.48)
?Improved loading localplay image timing
?Improved loading speed of first time loading localplay image to the output

Version 08/20/2019 (v1.5.45)
?Decoder fix for 1080i/50hz with some sources

Version 05/02/2019 (v1.5.44)
?Changing low power mode to disable fan from running full speed

Version 05/02/2019 (v1.5.43)
?Fixed Encoders with duplicate streams not showing up in Updater

Version 04/17/2019 (v1.5.42)
?Fixed audio humming when unplugging HDMI source from Encoder

Version 03/25/2019 (v1.5.40)
?Support 2560x1600@30/60 passthrough
?Added 2560x1600@30/60 to scaler
?Updated Netlinx to connect to master in secure mode (URL only)

Version 10/5/2018 (v1.5.38)
?Fixed issue with 1920x1200@60

Version 10/5/2018 (v1.5.10)
?Fixed KVM planar single and multitouch issues with Planar ps4662t

Version 9/25/2018 (v1.5.6)
?Fixed a decoder color space issue with scaler enabled (Non-HDR)

Version 9/25/2018 (v1.5.5)
?Fixed HDR packet data being sent from the decoder

Version 6/27/2018 (v1.5.4)
?Added new edid file - supports 4:2:2 4K60 HDR
?Added HDR detection and setup to encoder/decoder
?Webpages add HDR reporting to resolution
?If HDR is being used, the decoder 'Scaler' must be disabled
?If HDR is being used, the decoder 'Enable HDMI Audio' should be set to On

Version 5/16/2018 (v1.4.7)
?Improved video quality at higher bandwidths
?Implement optional improved IR output timing support
?Improve color space conversions for limited color space inputs
?Web page changes to clarify hot key support

?This version is not compatible with 1.3 or prior releases. It basically works
but video quality will be poor

Version 03/20/2018 (v1.3.16)
? Correct potential issue when exiting crop mode
? Improve security - only allow TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 for secure ports
? Netlinx bug fixes

Version 01/29/2018 (v1.3.15)
? Factory restore IP settings defaults to DHCP
? Various bug fixes

Version 01/22/2018 (v1.3.14) Web (01/24/2018)
? Fix for 2160p50 support

Version 01/22/2018 (v1.3.14)
? Correct decoder KVM to reconnect on reboot
? Netlinx adds support for N2424

Version 01/02/2018 (v1.3.13)
? No longer show Unsupported Mode screen on encoder when forced into local play mode
? AES67 correctly restored after low power mode
? Migration tool now migrates KVM and N-Act events
? Encoder pass thru port HDMI audio can now be turned on/off
? Various bug fixes

Version 12/7/2017 (v1.3.11)
? Add support for detecting and handling color space range (limited/full range).

Version 12/7/2017 (v1.3.10)
? Correct issue where the the HDMI output sometimes fails to initialize

Version 11/9/2017 (v1.3.9)
? AES67 correctly restored after low power mode
? Various bug fixes

Version 10/12/2017 (v1.3.8)
? Updated help file
? Various bug fixes

Version 10/11/2017 (v1.3.7)
? Added getStatus variable IMC to report 1 when interleaved multicast is enabled
? Encoder EDID broken now has 4 EDIDs -- 2x for 4K60 YUV444, and 2x for 4K60 YUV420 only.
? The KVM Directory Screen option has been removed from the web page
? Encoder color conversion no longer affects YUV420 inputs
? Migration back end tools added
? Various bug fixes
NOTE: 4K60 420 Video modes require the encoder to be programmed with EDID or will not be supported!

Version 10/5/2017 (v1.3.6)
? Added getStatus variable IMC to report 1 when interleaved multicast is enabled
? Various bug fixes

Version 10/2/2017 (v1.3.5)
? Improved decoder EDID handling with different monitors
? Network video and audio stream indicator added to web page
? Audio activity reported on web page (no audio samples = no activity)
? ESD recovery code added to audio
? VGA/HDMI detection status added to web page and status packet
? Various bug fixes

Version 08/25/2017 (v1.3.4)
? AES67 defaults to use the default port for RTP media (5004).
? Added support for 3840x2160 4:2:0
? Various bug fixes

Version 08/25/2017 (v1.3.3)
? Ultra Low Latency mode option added to decoder and related optimizations
? 3840x2160 & 4096x2160 4:2:0 support added (50 and 59.94/60 Hz)
? Improved monitor timing support
? 7.1 Audio added to non-AES67 configurations
? AES67 addresses now require first octet to be 239
? Various bug fixes

Version 08/14/2017 (v1.2.9)
? Improved monitor timing accuracy
? Various bug fixes

Version 08/09/2017 (v1.2.8)
? Color space improvements to encoder pass thru port
? Fixed flush command of ports
? Improved plug/unplug handling for blu-ray units with HDCP
? Detect and fix color shift start up case on Xbox units
? Startup initialization of 4K60 for decoder and pass-thru (avoid black screen)
? Improved monitor initialization that would cause a black screen or no signal
? Various bug fixes

Version 08/02/2017 (v1.2.5)
? Color space improvements to encoder pass thru port
? Fixed flush command of ports
? Fixed previously not working commands (Force HTTPS, etc.)
? Various bug fixes

Version 07/07/2017 (v1.2.4)
? Color space compatibility improvements

Version 07/07/2017 (v1.2.2)
- Audio no longer pops when changing between diffferently encrypted streams or password changes
- Gratuitous arp and unsolicated status are correctly sent after large time adjustment
- Removed no longer needed web page features (Swap CbCr, horizontal offset, vertical offset, local play audio, simple DVI detect)
- Adjust 1280x1024 VGA inputs to line up video better
- Port speed is now shown on the web page
- Local play caches more images
- USB/KVM now defaults to off
- Improved unsupported mode detection and presenting the screen
- Various bug fixes
Known bug: Force HTTPS, Encryption Password, Encoder encrytion, Reset KVM Config, and Settings Lock can currently only be confirmed through N-Able/N-Command

Version 07/07/2017 (v1.1.3)
- Improved AES67 accuracy on encoders
- HDMI on decoders can now be muted
- Pass thru HDMI can now be enabled/disabled
- HDMI now supports off on stream loss
- Scaler modes 2160p50 and 2160p59.94 added
- Improved encoder HDMI input unplug/plug detection for better performance
- Touchscreen monitors now supported
- Audio downmixing auto feature added
- IR commands no longer repeat when sent from web page.
- Fixed problem where audio would not play when set to not follow video stream
- Improved Updater
Known bug: Input audio when selecting local play page is not working on decoder (currently mutes)
Known bug: Updater is sometimes not taking updates and requires power cycle and retry. This update fixes the problem for future updates.

Version 06/23/2017 (v1.0.11)
- Fast Cable Detect event added to make cable plug in's faster
- Improved Monitor compatibility (black screen issues on decoders)
- web page enable/disable feature added (secure ports only) (WEB:x status added to getStatus packet)
- SSL Certificates now have regenerate certificate option on security page
- AES67 timing improved on encoder and decoder.
- Decoders no longer require output connection to accept and play AES67 audio.
- Encoder now supports 1080i input
- Decoder mute/unmute now works properly
- Encoder no longer accepts resolutions of 800x600 or lower.
- EDID changed to no longer have unsupported deep color settings
- Web page improvements (turn off unused pass thru invert syncs, AES67 port correction, etc.)
- Added volume up/down control command
- Removed 1024x768p60 output scaler mode
- Auto sync improvements (turned off when doing local play)
- Misc. bug fixes increasing stability and performance
Known bug: Updater is sometimes not taking updates and requires power cycle and retry.

Version 06/02/2017 (v0.8.14)
- Improved AES67 Audio

Version 05/23/2017 (v0.8.11)
- Improved AES67 Audio

Version 05/05/2017 (v0.8.8)
- Initial Release

3. Known Issues
Playlist - When changing image resolution to 4K. Images could take up to 3 minutes to load when called per boot cycle.

Resolution - Ulra-wide resolutions are not supported on the N2412A series.