SVSI N24xx Series Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.4.7

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: SVSI N24xx Series Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.5.104. ×

Last Updated: 4月30日

Product Name: N-Series N24xx Video Encoder/Decoder
FG #: FGN2412A-SA (NMX-ENC-2412A)
FGN2422A-SA (NMX-ENC-2422A)
FGN2412A-CD (NMX-ENC-2412A-C)

Version: v1.4.7
Release Date: 5/16/2018

1. Prerequisites

- None

2. Revision History
Version 5/16/2018 (v1.4.7)
• Improved video quality at higher bandwidths
• Implement optional improved IR output timing support
• Improve color space conversions for limited color space inputs
• Web page changes to clarify hot key support

• This version is not compatible with 1.3 or prior releases. It basically works
but video quality will be poor

Version 03/20/2018 (v1.3.16)
• Correct potential issue when exiting crop mode
• Improve security - only allow TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 for secure ports
• Netlinx bug fixes

Version 01/29/2018 (v1.3.15)
• Factory restore IP settings defaults to DHCP
• Various bug fixes

Version 01/22/2018 (v1.3.14) Web (01/24/2018)
• Fix for 2160p50 support

Version 01/22/2018 (v1.3.14)
• Correct decoder KVM to reconnect on reboot
• Netlinx adds support for N2424

Version 01/02/2018 (v1.3.13)
• No longer show Unsupported Mode screen on encoder when forced into local play mode
• AES67 correctly restored after low power mode
• Migration tool now migrates KVM and N-Act events
• Encoder pass thru port HDMI audio can now be turned on/off
• Various bug fixes

Version 12/7/2017 (v1.3.11)
• Add support for detecting and handling color space range (limited/full range).

Version 12/7/2017 (v1.3.10)
• Correct issue where the the HDMI output sometimes fails to initialize

Version 11/9/2017 (v1.3.9)
• AES67 correctly restored after low power mode
• Various bug fixes

Version 10/12/2017 (v1.3.8)
• Updated help file
• Various bug fixes

Version 10/11/2017 (v1.3.7)
• Added getStatus variable IMC to report 1 when interleaved multicast is enabled
• Encoder EDID broken now has 4 EDIDs -- 2x for 4K60 YUV444, and 2x for 4K60 YUV420 only.
• The KVM Directory Screen option has been removed from the web page
• Encoder color conversion no longer affects YUV420 inputs
• Migration back end tools added
• Various bug fixes
NOTE: 4K60 420 Video modes require the encoder to be programmed with EDID or will not be supported!

Version 10/5/2017 (v1.3.6)
• Added getStatus variable IMC to report 1 when interleaved multicast is enabled
• Various bug fixes

Version 10/2/2017 (v1.3.5)
• Improved decoder EDID handling with different monitors
• Network video and audio stream indicator added to web page
• Audio activity reported on web page (no audio samples = no activity)
• ESD recovery code added to audio
• VGA/HDMI detection status added to web page and status packet
• Various bug fixes

Version 08/25/2017 (v1.3.4)
• AES67 defaults to use the default port for RTP media (5004).
• Added support for 3840x2160 4:2:0
• Various bug fixes

Version 08/25/2017 (v1.3.3)
• Ultra Low Latency mode option added to decoder and related optimizations
• 3840x2160 & 4096x2160 4:2:0 support added (50 and 59.94/60 Hz)
• Improved monitor timing support
• 7.1 Audio added to non-AES67 configurations
• AES67 addresses now require first octet to be 239
• Various bug fixes

Version 08/14/2017 (v1.2.9)
• Improved monitor timing accuracy
• Various bug fixes

Version 08/09/2017 (v1.2.8)
• Color space improvements to encoder pass thru port
• Fixed flush command of ports
• Improved plug/unplug handling for blu-ray units with HDCP
• Detect and fix color shift start up case on Xbox units
• Startup initialization of 4K60 for decoder and pass-thru (avoid black screen)
• Improved monitor initialization that would cause a black screen or no signal
• Various bug fixes

Version 08/02/2017 (v1.2.5)
• Color space improvements to encoder pass thru port
• Fixed flush command of ports
• Fixed previously not working commands (Force HTTPS, etc.)
• Various bug fixes

Version 07/07/2017 (v1.2.4)
• Color space compatibility improvements

Version 07/07/2017 (v1.2.2)
• Audio no longer pops when changing between diffferently encrypted streams or password changes
• Gratuitous arp and unsolicated status are correctly sent after large time adjustment
• Removed no longer needed web page features (Swap CbCr, horizontal offset, vertical offset, local play audio, simple DVI detect)
• Adjust 1280x1024 VGA inputs to line up video better
• Port speed is now shown on the web page
• Local play caches more images
• USB/KVM now defaults to off
• Improved unsupported mode detection and presenting the screen
• Various bug fixes
Known bug: Force HTTPS, Encryption Password, Encoder encrytion, Reset KVM Config, and Settings Lock can currently only be confirmed through N-Able/N-Command

Version 07/07/2017 (v1.1.3)
• Improved AES67 accuracy on encoders
• HDMI on decoders can now be muted
• Pass thru HDMI can now be enabled/disabled
• HDMI now supports off on stream loss
• Scaler modes 2160p50 and 2160p59.94 added
• Improved encoder HDMI input unplug/plug detection for better performance
• Touchscreen monitors now supported
• Audio downmixing auto feature added
• IR commands no longer repeat when sent from web page.
• Fixed problem where audio would not play when set to not follow video stream
• Improved Updater
Known bug: Input audio when selecting local play page is not working on decoder (currently mutes)
Known bug: Updater is sometimes not taking updates and requires power cycle and retry. This update fixes the problem for future updates.

Version 06/23/2017 (v1.0.11)
• Fast Cable Detect event added to make cable plug in's faster
• Improved Monitor compatibility (black screen issues on decoders)
• web page enable/disable feature added (secure ports only) (WEB:x status added to getStatus packet)
• SSL Certificates now have regenerate certificate option on security page
• AES67 timing improved on encoder and decoder.
• Decoders no longer require output connection to accept and play AES67 audio.
• Encoder now supports 1080i input
• Decoder mute/unmute now works properly
• Encoder no longer accepts resolutions of 800x600 or lower.
• EDID changed to no longer have unsupported deep color settings
• Web page improvements (turn off unused pass thru invert syncs, AES67 port correction, etc.)
• Added volume up/down control command
• Removed 1024x768p60 output scaler mode
• Auto sync improvements (turned off when doing local play)
• Misc. bug fixes increasing stability and performance
Known bug: Updater is sometimes not taking updates and requires power cycle and retry.

Version 06/02/2017 (v0.8.14)
• Improved AES67 Audio

Version 05/23/2017 (v0.8.11)
• Improved AES67 Audio

Version 05/05/2017 (v0.8.8)
• Initial Release

3. Known Issues