Column Speaker


Column speaker and component of the JBL CMX6000 Series Column Speaker System for presentation applications. Easily connected to the CMX6000 Series Subwoofer.

The CMX6903 is a key component in the JBL CMX6000 Series Column Speaker System. Ideal for for PA applications in a variety of meeting and presentation spaces, the CMX6903 can be configured to suit a myriad of presenter needs. It features ultra-sleek styling and crystal-clear speech reproduction and music playback from 11 JBL drivers. The CMX6903 can be mounted directly on top of the CMX6208SP Subwoofer making it a standalone portable PA system that’s easy to move and setup when needed. The CMX6903 can also be remotely cable-connected, powered by the subwoofer, and wall-mounted.


  • 2 x 1.3” compression driver with fiberglass horn for 110° wide horizontal coverage and 40° vertical coverage
  • 9 x 3.3” carbon fiber cone woofer driver integrates three layers into one to project highly focused sound
  • 300 W RMS power handling
  • Lightweight aluminum cabinet
  • Can be installed on top of CMX6208SP Subwoofer or wall-mounted for fixed installations (M22-2P provided)
  • When installed on the top of CMX6208SP Subwoofer, no additional cable is needed
  • At 1242 mm tall, this speaker is the ideal height to be used for large screen presentations with a pair of CMX6903 speakers installed on either side of the screen as stereo speakers


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Drivers 2 x 1.3” voice coil driver for 110° x 40º coverage and 9 x 3.3” carbon fiber cone woofer driver
频率响应(±3 dB) 110 Hz – 17 kHz
覆盖角度 110° x 40° nominal
Crossover Mode Passive


92 dB SPL
阻抗 8 ohms
Power Rating *1
300 W / 600 W / 1200 W
*1 IEC standard, pink noise with 6 dB crest factor for 2 hours
Maximum SPL (2π)

127 dB SPL peak

Enclosure Aluminum
网罩 Black dust paint and water-resistant speaker cloth
颜色 Black
装配 Support for vertical installations. Metallic steel plate accessories are provided for fixed wall-mounted installations.

2-core waterproof socket M22-2P, XT60H-M

尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 1242 x 127 x 161 mm (48.9 x 5 x 6.3 in)
净重量 14 kg (30.9 lbs.)


Special mounting for vertical installations.


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Column Speaker