VIP Rooms

The intimate environment of a VIP Room requires the best possible sound quality, and HARMAN provides just that with top-of-the-line technology from brands like JBL and Crown. These systems are capable of reproducing the wide dynamic range found in contemporary film and video soundtracks. They’re also versatile enough to provide equally impactful sound for concert broadcasts and karaoke. Featuring technologies like Sculpted Surround™, Dual Dissimilar Arrays and ScreenArray® designs, HARMAN VIP room systems provide an impressive combination of stunning sound quality and surround-sound imaging that puts the audience right in the action. HARMAN cinema systems are the industry’s gold standard, providing the ultimate in clarity, detail and impact.

VIP Rooms Products

  • C221


    Two-Way ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeaker
  • 4642A


    4642A Dual 460 mm (18 in.)Subwoofer System
  • 708i


    8" Master Reference Monitor
  • CPi2000


    Cinema Processor
  • DCi 2|1250N

    Crown DCi 2|1250N

    双声道、1250W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 2|2400N

    Crown DCi 2|2400N

    双声道,2400W @ 4Ω 功放,70V/100V

  • DCi 2|300N

    Crown DCi 2|300N

    双声道、300W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 2|600N

    Crown DCi 2|600N

    双声道、600W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 4|1250N

    Crown DCi 4|1250N

    四声道、1250W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 4|2400N

    Crown DCi 4|2400N

    四声道,2400W @ 4Ω 功放,70V/100V

  • DCi 4|300N

    Crown DCi 4|300N

    四声道、300W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 4|600N

    Crown DCi 4|600N

    四声道、600W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 8|300N

    Crown DCi 8|300N

    八声道、300W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 8|600N

    Crown DCi 8|600N

    八声道、600W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V