Marquis Galaxy Satellite Series

MGS (Marquis Galaxy Satellite) Series is introduced for audio playback or live sound amplification at entertainment venues like bars, discos, club houses, music-themed restaurants or small theatres, etc. The new product line provides four models: MGS82 (12” full-range speaker), MGS85 (15” full-range speaker), MGS81S (18” subwoofer) and MGS82S (dual 18” subwoofer).

The full range models of MGS82 and MGS85 use a 1.5” patented D2 dual diaphragm dual voice-coil compression driver to deliver smooth and extended high frequency with ultra-low distortion whether listening at very high or subtle levels. The LF driver of the two models combines a ribbon-wire voice coil, a custom-made paper cone and a FEA optimized magnetic circuit to reproduce a wider frequency range with a smoother response curve and lower distortion. The 80° × 80° horn ensures a constant directivity and smooth on- and off-axis response whether the speaker is installed vertically or horizontally. JBL SonicGugardTM and VGCTM (Vented Gap CoolingTM) technologies are employed to protect the HF and LF drivers, leaving users out of worry of overload from long working hours. Both MGS82 and MGS85 come with a Passive / Bi-Amp mode switch to meet different tuning requirements or application scenarios.

The subwoofers of MGS81S and MGS82S use newly-designed 18” woofers featuring long excursion and high power handling to realize extended and powerful lower frequency with lowest distortion rate. Both the two subwoofers are built in a low profile and compact enclosure and have their cabinet capacity optimized so as to deliver optimal low frequency response with minimized cabinet resonance. MGS82S installs an extra switch to select between 4 ohms (two woofers in parallel) and 8 ohms (separate input for each woofer) operation mode.

All the MGS models are equipped with NL4 Neutrik Speakon® connectors for easy loop-thru connection and system extension and build up their enclosure from durable birch plywood, and designs the size and bracing through meticulous calculation and simulation for minimum cabinet resonance and improved LF response.

To enhance utility, MGS82 and MGS85 is designed with an angled enclosure, multiple M10 suspension points, a 35 mm pole mounting socket and two integrated handles for transportation and installation convenience. MGS81S and MGS82S reserve four locations at the rear panel for users to install castors, making its move-around an easy job.

Marquis Galaxy Satellite Series Products

  • MGS82


    12” Full-Range Speaker
  • MGS85


    15” Full-Range Speaker
  • MGS81S


    18” High Power Passive Subwoofer
  • MGS82S


    Dual 18” High Power Passive Subwoofer