KP G2 Series (Available in China and APAC Only)

Continuing JBL Entertainment’s iconic heritage in karaoke speakers and audio performance, the JBL KP G2 Series follows in the footsteps of the original and extremely successful KP Series. Replacing its predecessors—KP4000 and KP2000 Series—the KP G2 Series is JBL’s flagship karaoke-speaker line and consists of 7 loudspeaker models that range from 10” to 15”. Designed for a wide range of karaoke applications and installations, the KP G2 combines excellent vocal and bass performance with JBL’s standard of reliability and a modern, sleek design.

Featuring JBL’s signature KTV tuning, the KP G2 Series delivers the legendary sound that venue owners and karaoke-goers know and love. In addition to outstanding audio quality, KP G2 speakers feature a reimagined, striking form factor. Plus, KP G2 Series loudspeakers include a rotatable, illuminated JBL Entertainment logo, which allows you to showcase the presence of the renowned JBL brand in your venue. With the uniform look and feel, you can pair different models from the KP G2 Series to create a premium KTV system. Altogether, with pristine audio and striking aesthetics, the JBL KP G2 Series enhances KTV venues and provides a memorable karaoke experience.