Samsung/HARMAN Onyx Cinema Solution

The Samsung/HARMAN Onyx Cinema Solution introduces the stunning visual power of LED picture quality and larger-than-life, immersive audio to create an unparalleled multi-sensory cinematic experience.

Samsung Onyx, the first DCI-compliant cinema LED screen, provides a combination of stunning 2K or 4K visuals with distortion-free High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) picture quality. Onyx offers ten times the peak brightness of projector-based alternatives, the ability to showcase cinema content with true black colors, and infinite contrast. Perfectly integrated with an innovative all-HARMAN audio solution that incorporates the best of JBL, Crown, and BSS, and our exclusive Sculpted Surround technology, the Onyx Cinema Solution reproduces today’s dynamic soundtracks with stunning clarity and detail. Combined together, viewers will experience movie content like never before.

But beyond offering an out-of-this-world cinematic environment, the Samsung/HARMAN Onyx Solution provides theaters with new opportunities to generate revenue and offer new experiences by freeing space used by traditional projection, allowing changes to room geometry or ambient lighting, and the ability to expand into the realms of gaming or corporate presentations.

The next generation of the cinema is now – step into the future.

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