Crown DriveCore Install (DCi) Network Series Amplifiers for EN 54 Applications

Part 16 of the European Union’s (EU) EN 54 standard for fire detection and alarm systems has a specific requirement for voice alarms, which output messages in the form of a voice message rather than a traditional siren. These amplifiers are certified as part of an EN 54-16VACIE, meeting the stringent requirements of a life safety system to serve the needs of hospitality, large venue and other markets.

  • DCi 2|300N

    Crown DCi 2|300N

    双声道、300W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 2|600N

    Crown DCi 2|600N

    双声道、600W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 4|300N

    Crown DCi 4|300N

    四声道、300W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V

  • DCi 4|600N

    Crown DCi 4|600N

    四声道、600W @ 4Ω 功放,配备 BLU link,70V/100V