Shree Talkies Upgrades to Dolby Atmos® With JBL Professional Immersive Cinema Audio System


AGRA, India—CineTech Engineering Works recently equipped Shree Talkies with JBL Professional’s Dolby Atmos®-designed audio system that enables the theater to show films with immersive 3D-quality sound.

Located on the north side of Agra, the Shree Talkies movie theater boasts the highest cinema revenue in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The recently upgraded 860-seat main theater became the first in the city to offer Dolby Atmos sound, which features ceiling and full-range surround speakers to create an immersive, three-dimensional soundstage. To comply with Dolby’s strict specifications for Atmos theaters and offer a premium audio experience, Shree Talkies hired cinema integrator CineTech Engineering Works to outfit the theater with JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers.

“With the theater having a seating capacity of 860, total throw distance of 112 feet and height of around 45 feet, designing an immersive audio system with overhead speakers was a challenge,” said Asad Rashid, Owner of CineTech Engineering Works. “Only JBL can deliver professional cinema sound in this type of large-format theater, with products like the ScreenArray and Cinema Surround Series loudspeakers. And with the help of HARMAN Professional Solutions team, we were able to finish the installation before the deadline."

Behind the screen, JBL 5742 high-power ScreenArray loudspeakers deliver maximum output with minimal distortion for the left, center and right channels. Screen Spreading Compensation (SSC) and Optimized Aperture Waveguide technology give the 5742 speakers extremely focused coverage. For the surround and overhead channels, CineTech installed JBL 9310 and 8350 high-power cinema surround loudspeakers. The passive, two-way JBL 9310 speaker features new transducer and waveguide technologies developed to produce studio-quality performance with pattern control tailored to modern theatre geometries. The JBL 8350 speaker offers high power handling and sensitivity to meet the extended dynamic range required by digital sound formats, plus multiple mounting options for convenient installation. JBL 4642A dual 18-inch subwoofers add thunderous low-frequency output, delivering the full impact of modern films.

For amplification, CineTech installed a range of Crown DSi Series amplifiers, including the DSi 1000, DSi 2000, DSi 4000 and DSi 6000. Ranging in power from 475 to 2100 watts, the DSi Series amplifiers offer onboard DSP and perfectly matched performance with JBL ScreenArray systems. Together, the Crown amplifiers and JBL cinema loudspeakers form a class-leading cinema audio system that delivers unparalleled immersion at Shree Talkies.

"Our theater has been appreciated for having one of the best audio systems in a single-screen cinema in North India, and HARMAN Professional Solutions has helped us make that happen,” said Agarwal. “Choosing any speaker brand other than JBL Professional was just not an option. Considering JBL’s cinema legacy across the globe, there was no doubt about the quality of the product or the service. Our audience has an amazing cinematic experience thanks to JBL loudspeakers. It was a fantastic experience working with HARMAN Professional Solutions and CineTech Engineering Works. Post-installation support was brilliant, and we are very satisfied with the quality, sales and service."