JBL Professional by HARMAN Introduces HiQnet Performance Manager 2.0


NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—JBL Professional by HARMAN today announced the immediate availability of new JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™ 2.0 software, further simplifying and streamlining the process of configuring and controlling live sound reinforcement systems. Featuring a newly redesigned interface, accelerated workflows, and new time-saving features, Performance Manager 2.0 will enable tour sound system operators to reduce design time, simplify networking and automation while monitoring and controlling live sound reinforcement systems more efficiently.

Performance Manager software is designed for networked audio systems across a wide range of venues and applications. Featuring a comprehensive and integrated workflow paradigm, Performance Manager enables engineers to work through each stage of system configuration one step at a time. An intuitive interface guides the operator through each specific function and provides clearly defined goals for each stage of the setup. Once system setup and configuration are complete, Performance Manager provides a comprehensive interface for seamless system control and monitoring. 

“Performance Manager 2.0 delivers a highly refined user interface that’s designed to meet the specific requirements of touring and live performance sound systems,” said George Georgallis, Product Manager, Tour Sound Systems, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The release of version 2.0 builds on all the great features from the first version of Performance Manager while improving on the user experience, speed and ease of use. Version 2.0 also sets the foundation for future versions of Performance Manager that will bring new and innovative features to our software platform while allowing for a whole new range of possibilities.”  

Version 2.0 introduces a number of key features, including a new drag-and-drop speaker preset selection. Any speaker can be dragged-and-dropped to any amplifier channel, and Performance Manager will create the custom preset configuration in the background, providing optimum flexibility and maximum utilization of available amplifier channels. Additionally, JBL Line Array Calculator (LAC) integration has been improved and now offers the ability to import an array created in LAC into Performance Manager with just one step. All circuiting information, level and EQ adjustments developed in LAC transfer to Performance Manager and then to the amplifiers without having to manually move the parameters over from one software program to the other.  

Additional new features in Version 2.0 include:

Infinite Canvas

  • Rack and arrays can be moved in any direction as far needed
  • The Zoom tool now tracks updates

Networking improvements

  • Streamlined device discovery operation
  • Updated networking options, including the ability to select a specific network adaptor
  • Meter ballistics optimization for improved performance in large systems

Full support for Pen input on Windows 10 devices:

  • All Performance Manager UI elements can now be operated via pen input on Windows touchscreen devices 

Simplified circuiting

  • Simplified process for specifying the number of cabinets in a circuit
  • New circuit options: 1 x Box, 2 x Box, 3 x Box, Custom

EQ Improvements:

  • Group EQ: Individual filters or groups of EQ filters can now be transferred from one array to another, using the new EQ copy-paste feature
  • Calibrate Arrays: Individual filters or groups of EQ filters can now be transferred from one array to another, using the new EQ copy-paste feature
  • EQ adjustment handles are present only on selected/active EQs 
  • New anti-slip function to prevent EQ filters from moving on accidental touch  

Additional improvements

  • New master gain control for arrays and groups
  • New delay scheme with master and circuit on/off switches
  • Integrated output and gain reduction meter into one view 
  • System Group tree rework 
  • New keyboard shortcuts

Expanded compatibility

  • Supports new JBL VTX M Series monitor speakers (M20, M22)
  • Supports new Crown Audio I-Tech HD firmware